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Deadline: April 4, 2016

New Mexico Resiliency Alliance: 2016 Resilient Communities Fund

The Resilient Communities Fund supports community economic development projects. Grants will be coordinated with and through the New Mexico MainStreet (NMMS) program, who will provide technical assistance and oversight.

Current funding priorities are:

  • Economic Development and Community: Entrepreneurism and business development, light manufacturing, and tourism development
  • Rural Development Projects
  • Urban planning/Placemaking: Including matching funds for master (or other) plans, streetscapes, trails, façade improvements, curb appeal projects, parks and recreation activities
  • Arts and Culture: Includes public art, performing arts, events, scenic/cultural corridor projects
  • Civic engagement activities
  • Food security: Including urban/community-supported agriculture, co-ops, etc.
  • Environmental stewardship
  • Capacity-building among “community builders” (individuals and/or organizations) via education, trainings, or convenings

MainStreet, Arts & Cultural District, or Frontier communities may work with the appropriate NMMS staff to prepare and submit an application. Frontier Community applications can only be for the project for which they are currently receiving technical assistance.

Evaluation criteria for determining priority projects will include:

  • NMMS technical assistance already committed for the grant period
  • Equal distribution of resources around the various communities (whether or not your community was funded last year may come into play)
  • Distribution of projects around the Main Street Four Points / New Mexico Resiliency Alliance Priority Funding Areas

Amount: Small/seed grants ranging from $1,000 to $5,000 and averaging approximately $2,500 will be awarded.

Eligibility: Nonprofit organizations and organizations operating under the designation of a fiscal sponsor. NMMS affiliates must be in good standing under NMMS “State Certified” benchmarks: Program must have current MOU on file with NMMS; non-profit and NMMS compliance documents  are updated annually; and must have active boards/committees and evidence of achievement under the MainStreet/ACD Four Points Approach.

Link: http://www.nmresiliencyalliance.org/

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