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Deadline: April 14, 2023

New Mexico Tourism Department: Clean and Beautiful Grant

The Clean and Beautiful Grant will support projects and initiatives that contribute to the following goals and objectives:

Goal #1: End Littering

* Prevent littering

* Provide access to proper waste disposal

* Remove litter

Goal #2 – Reduce Waste

* Reuse

* Repair

* Repurpose

* Improve composting and sustainable organics management

* Improve recycling and sustainable materials management

Goal #3 – Beautify Communities

* Improve green spaces through sustainable park design

* Maximize sustainable landscaping throughout communities

* Prevent graffiti

* Eradicate graffiti

Goal #4 – Empower Youth

* Educate students

* Provide service opportunities for youth groups.

* Employ youth interns.

* Provide youth leadership opportunities: Youth initiatives must directly contribute to at least one of the above-mentioned goals. Applicants may either hire a youth group as a subcontractor or hire individual youths. For individual youth interns: a) Individuals must be between 14 to 25 years of age; b) Salary range = at least local minimum wage; and c) Youth Employment Verification forms are required for each youth employed.

Goal #5 – Increase Program Capacity

* Recruit and engage volunteers

* Build coalitions through professional affiliations

* Increase knowledge through professional development. Activities must directly contribute to at least one of the above-mentioned goals.

Amount: In 2023, a total of $790,801 was awarded:

* $224,236.96 investment in litter eradication

* $95,108.71 investment in waste reduction

* $189,653.74 investment in community beautification

* $254,086.70 investment in youth empowerment

* $27,688.24 investment in program development

A range in awards is not specified but past awards ranging from around $9,000 – $25,000 have been identified.

Match requirement: A 25% match is required through donated goods or services, government costs, and/or volunteer hours (see guidelines for additional details).

Eligibility: All New Mexico municipalities, counties, and Tribal Governments in good standing with New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department are eligible for funding. Entities need not be Keep America Beautiful affiliates to apply.

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