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NM Human Services Department: Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Education (SNAP-Ed)

Deadline: September 3, 2021

The SNAP Nutrition Education Program (SNAP- Ed) provides SNAP and SNAP-eligible clients with information and training on making healthy choices. It provides direct education to adults and children through food demonstrations and cooking classes using healthy foods and beverages. It promotes policy, system, and environmental (PSE) interventions through a series of trainings, establishing ongoing changes and access to healthy foods as well as to information.

SNAP-Ed seeks proposals to establish a contract for the procurement of funding multiple organizations that help build sustainability and expanded reach of obesity prevention efforts—for adults and school children in the Santa Fe and Albuquerque areas and to other counties throughout the state—through impactful systems and environmental changes in 1) the school setting, and 2) the community setting.

The target audience is low-income, elementary, middle school, and potentially high school students as well as their families in school and community settings. In these projects, SNAP-Ed will conduct direct education in classroom settings by engaging and training classroom teachers, substitute teachers, and volunteers to provide hands-on experiential food education, nutrition, and physical activity learning. On-line delivery formats will also be used to reach students and their families. This is expected to reach more New Mexico students and create sustainable healthy nutrition along with physical activity changes. All projects support health-promoting behaviors and aim to improve the likelihood that persons eligible for SNAP will make healthy food choices within a limited budget and choose physically active lifestyles. SNAP-Ed funds may be used for implementing strategies or interventions, among other health promotion efforts, to help the SNAP-Ed target audience establish healthy eating habits and physically active lifestyles as primary tools for prevention or postponement of nutrition-related chronic diseases such as obesity.

SNAP-Ed State Level Goals:

  • Expand opportunities for healthy eating and physical activity where SNAP-Ed eligible children and adults live, learn, play, work, eat, and shop
  • Increase healthy eating and physical activity behaviors among SNAP-Ed eligible children and adults
  • Build state and local partnerships and coordinate activities to maximize collective impact of SNAP-Ed interventions
  • Increase childhood and adult health through healthy life-style changes
  • Implement “Train the Trainer” processes

SNAP-Ed State Level Objectives:

  • Increase exposure and opportunities to acquire fruits and vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy products, and water in childcare centers, schools, and community sites
  • Increase exposure to and opportunities for physical activity in childcare centers, schools, and community sites
  • Limit screen time in childcare centers, schools, and community sites
  • Increase consumption of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy products, and water among children and adults
  • Increase time spent being physically active and decrease time spent in front of a screen among both children and adults
  • Increase number of SNAP-Ed implementing agencies and sub-grantees that have continuous communication, mutually reinforcing activities, shared measurements, and state and local coalitions to support implementation efforts
  • Increase state and local partnerships and leveraged resources
  • Measurably increase health in children and adults
  • Implement “Train the Trainer” processes

Amount: Award will result in a contractual agreement for services.

Eligibility: An Offeror is defined as “any person, corporation, or partnership who chooses to submit a proposal.” No limitations are indicated.

Link: https://www.hsd.state.nm.us/lookingforinformation/open-rfps/

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