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Deadline: April 30, 2015

Presbyterian Mission Agency: Hunger Program Grants

The numbers of hungry people in the United States continue to swell despite widespread civil society efforts to feed the hungry through food banks, food pantries, soup kitchens and other direct service programs. Reduced social spending by the government, an outdated minimum wage, growing numbers of working poor, persistent unemployment and other structural issues can be bandaged with feeding programs, but not cured. The Presbyterian Mission Agency is responding to this need and inviting Letters of Inquiry for projects that address the root and systemic causes of hunger in the United States. Applicants may address one or more of the following areas:

  1. Direct Food Relief: The proposed activities shall provide food relief to impoverished people in either acute or chronic conditions of hunger with an eye to long-range solutions. Ordinarily, applications for direct food ministries (food pantries, soup kitchens, shelters, etc.) in the United States shall come from or through the sessions of Presbyterian Congregations which support those ministries. Grants may be made for: (a) start-up costs for new programs; and/or (b) new projects of existing programs which attempt to deal with the root causes of hunger in their community. Normally, Presbyterian Hunger Program (PHP) grants shall not exceed the contribution (financial and/or in-kind) of the applying congregation.
  2. Development Assistance: The proposed activities shall provide for a multifaceted approach to development and the empowerment of impoverished people in such areas as agricultural training, community organization, economic development, nutrition education, public health and/or family planning. The proposed activities may increase employment opportunities or provide assistance to unemployed persons.
  3. Public Policy Advocacy: The proposed activities shall advocate, through just and peaceful means, political, corporate, and/or economic policy changes which: (a) provide food for impoverished and hungry people at home and abroad; (b) empower the participants’ self-development; or (c) promote freedom from oppressive and unjust systems that fail to meet basic needs.
  4. Lifestyle Integrity: The proposed activities shall assist the church to move toward sustainable corporate and personal lifestyles sensitive to the reality of the earth’s limited resources and the critical needs of the human family.
  5. Education and Interpretation: The proposed activities shall educate the church and the public at large about the root causes of hunger and inspire, equip and connect people to act, and educate others. The proposed activities shall provide opportunities for learning among and with communities of need.

Amount: $500-$20,000.

Eligibility: Organizations, including PC(USA) congregations, demonstrating that a significant part of their work, or the specific project for which funds are being sought, attempts to address the root and systemic causes of hunger.

Link: http://www.presbyterianmission.org/ministries/hunger/grants-projects-within-united-states/

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