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Deadline: August 4, 2017

Rappaport Family Foundation: Extraordinary Times Request for Proposals

The Rappaport Family Foundation believes that by empowering community college students to solve challenges and change policies that affect their lives, its grantees are shaping lifelong leaders who are transforming our communities and our nation. Over the last five years, the Rappaport Family Foundation has invested more than $1 million in 15 organizations that themselves invested in community college leadership, voice, and power. But extraordinary times require extraordinary measures. For the Foundation, this means being committed today more than ever to continuing our investments in community college leadership and civic engagement efforts that it knows will protect our democracy and diverse communities.

The Rappaport Family Foundation will be investing as much as $2 million in organizations of
various sizes, with differing capacity and scale, to mobilize, train, and develop student leaders
who can most effectively make an impact on those issues that are most important to them over
the next 18 months.

The Foundation’s goals are to:

  • Allow you or your organization to put aside what you do normally, and provide the necessary resources for you and your organization to go beyond your comfort zone and rise to what is required of this moment
  • Build the leadership, power and voice of community college students of our country’s cities and states to protect our democracy and our communities’ well-being

The Foundation is interested in:

  • Supporting promising program that will ignite and maintain civic participation, leadership, and community engagement among young people, especially community college students
  • Supporting the development and adoption of new tools, technologies and organizing methods to support distributed models of engagement and activism on community college campuses or students
  • Taking a risk on unconventional or untried approaches
  • Investing in the Upper Midwest, the Heartland, and rapidly changing states like VA, TX, NM, and NC

The work must engage young people, particularly community college students, in the business of leadership, accountability, and governance in policy or civic engagement efforts. Other components that must be part of the proposed project or program are:

  • Skills-training for advocacy and organizing
  • Leadership development opportunities for students
  • Fair financial compensation for community college student leaders’ time
  • Efforts to organize, advocate for, influence policy, or civic engagement activities must conclude or culminate by the fall of 2018

Amount: The Foundation expects to make a number of $100,000-$250,000 investments in organizations with budgets of around $1,000,000+, and $50,000 investments in organizations with smaller budgets. Investments may be supplemented by peer convening, opportunities for publication, and other resources.

Eligibility: Nonprofit organizations with IRS 501(c)3 status and classified as “not a private foundation” under Section 509(a), or have a similarly qualified fiscal sponsor.

Link: http://rappaportfamilyfoundation.org/about-us/

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