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Deadline: May 22, 2019

Region IX Education Cooperative Related Services: Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech Language Pathology, Educational Diagnostician

Region IX Education Cooperative (the Agency) is seeking offers to provide special education related services to eligible students in its member districts (https://www.rec9nm.org/Member_Districts). Related services include Occupational Therapy, Occupational Therapy Assistants, Physical Therapy, Physical Therapy Assistants, Speech Language Pathology, and Educational Diagnostician.

Scope of Work:

  • Provide to Region IX member districts an excellent quality of services as per specifications and conditions contained in the Request for Proposals and any resulting contract
  • Provide direct services to eligible students on school days between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. or other hours or days as mutually agreed upon by the Offeror and the Educational Services Director or designee
  • Maintain a comprehensive treatment log and therapy schedule as specified by Region IX Educational Services Director or designee
  • Perform evaluations according to state standards, federal regulations, and as required by Region IX Educational Services Director or designee
  • Participate at Individual Education Program (IEP) meetings and in development of IEPs as required
  • Attend training sessions as required by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services at the negotiated contract hourly rate
  • Complete data entry for service captured in the Agency’s prescribed format and technology on at least a monthly basis for services provided to each student
  • Complete data entry for services eligible for School Based Medicaid services captured in the Agency’s format and technology on a at least a bi-weekly basis for students on the caseload
  • Submit typed end-of-year and end-of-treatment summary reports for each assigned student within 15 calendar days of the last therapy/treatment session
  • Provide teacher consultation to teachers as needed and/or requested by the Agency
  • Provide consultation to the parents of students as needed and/or requested by the Agency
  • Accept responsibility for the payment of all appropriate taxes, including Federal, State, FICA, and Gross Receipts
  • Report to the Region IX Educational Services Director or designee
    Follow Agency’s policies and procedures
  • Follow the assigned member district’s school schedule unless prior approval is given by the Region IX Educational Services Director or designee
  • Contractor is responsible for the agreed positions within any given school year unless the offeror and Agency have agreed otherwise

Amount: The Agency will award multiple contractual awards between the two parties (awarded Offeror and Region IX Education Cooperative); the procurement may be used by other parties. The contract shall be implemented for a term of one calendar year, and may be extended on an annual basis for up to three years in one-year increments.

Eligibility: Public or private organizations with ability to provide the required services.

Link: https://www.rec9nm.org/R9-RFP-20001-Related-Services

Note: Offerors who wish to complete the distribution list must do so by May 6, 2019.

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