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Deadline: August 31, 2019

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation: Health x Design – Building Health into Everyday Life

Mad*Pow and Health 2.0 Advocates have launched a design challenge, sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The challenge will support organizations from the health and design community to envision solutions that reshape everyday life to be healthier by default. The focus is to imagine how, in the near future, technology might be used to make health an integral part of people’s daily routines.

How might the systems people use every day be designed to yield health instead of sickness? Building health into people’s everyday lives means using design and technology to reshape how people eat, sleep, move from place to place, socialize, and entertain themselves so that everyone can lead healthier lives by default.

Prizes will be awarded through two areas:

Prize 1 – Healthy Behaviors: Prize 1 – Healthy Behaviors: Solutions should target at least one healthy behavior. The Foundation asks applicants to consider how the solution impacts other healthy behaviors.

  • More movement. Reduce sedentary behavior; facilitate more physical movement. Rather than “exercise” or workouts, make movement a by-product of daily activities — going to work, going to school, running errands, getting food, socializing, and having fun.
  • Better food. Make it easier, more rewarding, and delightful to cook meals with fresh ingredients. Consider how people decide what to cook and the process of preparing a meal.
  • Better sleep. How could technology be used to influence better sleep habits and longer and higher quality sleep? Focus on creating conditions conducive to better sleep.
  • Quality social connection. Make it easier to develop deep friendships and to spend good time with friends, family, and neighbors.
  • More time outdoors. Propose creative ways to make spending time outdoors more desirable for everyone and safer for more people.

Prize 2 – Reimagine a System or Space: Designs should provide a compelling overall vision for how health can be built into everyday life. Solutions proposed may fundamentally reshape transportation, housing, food, office space, entertainment—any system(s) or space(s) that might pave the way for healthier behavior.

Amount: One award will be made for each prize, as follows:

  • Prize 1: One $5,000 award will be made
  • Prize 2: One $5,000 award will be made

Eligibility: (a) Business and nonprofit entities formed and maintaining a principal place of business in the United States and (b) individuals and teams of no more than five individuals who are (i) citizens or permanent residents of the United States and (ii) of the legal age of majority.

Link: https://centerhxd.com/collaborations/health-x-design-building-health-into-everyday-life/

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