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Deadline: March 22, 2018

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation: Opioid Challenge

Addiction is complex. Every individual faces a different set of challenges and has unique needs. The Opioid Challenge is to create technology enabled tools to help support and connect individuals affected by opioid addiction. Tech-enabled solutions may aim to: 1) support affected individuals (e.g. opioid users, caregivers, peers, family, etc.) through activities such as helping identify resources, facilities, and education content for support; and 2) connect them to relevant resources and to one another to create a peer community. This is not an exercise to develop tools for specific disease interventions or technologies for clinical therapy decision-making.

Submissions will be evaluated and scored based on the following criteria:

  • Innovation: Creativity and uniqueness of the solution
  • Scalability: Potential for widespread adoption
  • UX/UI: Overall design and intuitiveness of the solution

Amount: Awards will be distributed through two phases. Phase 1: Five finalists will receive $5,000 each. Phase two awards will be available to phase 1 finalists and include: First place: One $50,000 award; Second place: One $15,000 award; and Third place: One $10,000 award.

Eligibility: No limitations are indicated.

Link: https://www.opioidchallenge.com/challenge/

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