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Deadline: April 19, 2019

State Bar of New Mexico: Access to Justice Fund Grant

The Access to Justice Fund Grant Commission will support nonprofit organizations that provide civil legal services to low-income New Mexicans consistent with the current State Plan for the Provision of Civil Legal Services to Low-Income New Mexicans (accessible at: https://accesstojustice.nmcourts.gov/our-work.aspx)

Priority will be given to proposed projects that take the following into consideration:

  • Projects that significantly increase the number of eligible persons served or benefited.
  • Projects that address the needs of priority client groups or the substantive issues identified in the State Plan will be favored, but the Grant Commission will consider applications serving any eligible client group.
  • Projects that address clients’ complete needs for legal services, rather than simply one part of that need are strongly preferred (e.g., applications to assist victims of domestic violence (DV) that propose to limit assistance to obtaining Orders of Protection, that lack an in-house legal department, would not be favored; alternatively, applications that propose to provide full representation to a DV victim would be appropriate).
  • Integrated approaches are preferred (e.g., a planning grant from three providers was funded to develop an approach for assisting recent immigrants). The Grant Commission recommends funding of planning grants that will produce an integrated approach to complex problems. Applicants seeking funds for activities similar to those conducted by other eligible organizations should consider submitting a joint application.
  • Projects that will make services available throughout the state and in rural areas will be favored.
  • Applicants may propose sub-contracts to other organizations and/or contracts with private attorneys. Applicants proposing sub-contracts, not the sub-contractor, will be responsible for completion of all proposed services on time and within budget.

Amount: A total of $650,000 is available.

Eligibility: Applicants must be either:

1. A nonprofit organization with a current or pending 501(c)(3) status that:

  • Has as its primary mission the delivery of legal services to low-income persons
  • Provides services using one or more of the service delivery methods identified in the current State Plan
  • Employs (not contracts with) at least one full-time attorney who devotes at least 75% of his or her time to representation of low-income persons

2. Is an in-house legal department within a larger nonprofit organization with current or pending 501(c)(3) status that meets criterions (a), (b), and (c) above.

Link: https://www.nmbar.org/ATJFundGrant

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