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Deadline: February 2, 2018

Steelcase Education: Active Learning Center Grant

Steelcase Education is focused on helping schools, colleges, and universities create the most effective, rewarding, and inspiring learning environments to meet the evolving needs of students and educators. Through its research and innovation in furniture, tools, and technologies for learning spaces, Steelcase strives to understand how learning best takes place and how smarter, active learning spaces can help.

As a grantmaker, Steelcase Education seeks to identify and support leading educators and educational institutions looking to implement and expand active learning initiatives by leveraging physical learning space. Steelcase’s interests center on advancing its understanding of the impact of active learning on pedagogy, technology, and the built space, acting in one holistic ecosystem.

The Active Learning Centers Grant provides one active learning classroom, including furniture, design review, installation, onsite training, and a pre- and post-occupancy measurement tool. Grant recipients choose from four types of classrooms designed for up to 30 students. Grant recipients agree to provide sufficient dedicated space, participate in Steelcase Education onsite training, and conduct and share research over a two-year period. Interested institutions may choose from a selection of potential research topics or propose an alternative. Research should answer the questions: What impact does the new Active Learning Center have on the supporting desired pedagogy, teaching, learning and student success? Why? More specifically, this research should include completion of the pre- and postoccupancy measurement tool administered by Steelcase, but additional methods and areas of inquiry are encouraged. Sample research topics of interest include:

  • Engaged Learning Experiences: Study potential Active Learning Center impact on student-driven learning; problem-based learning; or project based learning
  • Instructor Experience: Study potential Active Learning Center impact on instructor mindset change or training and professional development
  • Noncognitive Factors: Study potential Active Learning Center impact on student mindset or social-emotional skills and wellbeing
  • Emerging Technology Integration: Study potential impact of these technologies as part of an Active Learning Center on personalized learning or blended learning

Eligibility: Academic institutions that focus primarily on formal, instructor-led learning in a designated classroom in the United States, U.S. Territories, Puerto Rico, Canada, or Mexico and serve grades 6–12 or within a college or university.

Amount: Up to 16 grants, valued at $67,000, will be awarded. Each grant includes: furniture, design review, installation, onsite training and a Learning Environment Evaluation measurement tool.

Link: https://www.steelcase.com/discover/information/education/active-learning-center-grant/#overview_about

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