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Deadline: February 17, 2016

Taos Community Foundation

The Taos Community Foundation’s grantmaking supports the improvement of its communities’ quality of life. It believes that quality of life is grounded in the health of its communities and that healthy and safe communities result when the following are met:

  • Children and youth become citizens who have the desire and the skills to be employed, and the skills to participate in the civic life of the community
  • Working age adults obtain and retain employment with adequate income
  • Working age adults have the skills and resources needed to support the needs of children and youth and the elderly
  • Working age adults have access to responsive affordable health care
  • Elderly citizens are able to maintain their economic well-being and engage in community
  • Community members are stewards of our community and natural resources
  • All citizens are safe
  • All citizens are active in civic and cultural life of the community

All of the Foundation’s grants are awarded in one of its primary focus areas, which are intended to be broad and reflective of the larger key aspects of community efforts. Focus areas include:

  • Healthy Youth and Families: Grants play an important role in assisting families with basic needs, education, medical care, and community-based support services. Grants strengthen the connection between the personal and the social arenas by providing a sense of belonging and a positive attachment to family, school, peers and the community.
  • Creativity and Culture: Grants value the experience and wisdom of local artists and art institutions and affirm the power to unite people through the arts and cultural events. Investments are made to key local institutions and nurtures local leadership and talent.
  • Strengthening Community: Grantmaking seeks to better prepare the communities for complex social problems. A strong community has avenues of strong communication, partnership between sectors, community leadership, coalition building, and organized capacity building for nonprofits.
  • Sustainable Environment: Grants enable the community to permanently protect traditional farmland, preserve water habitat, and maintain the scenic aspects of Taos. Emphasis is on local land-based traditions and culture as well as increase public awareness of the overall benefit of land preservation.

Amount: Grants typically average between $2,000-$10,000.

Eligibility: Tax exempt, nonprofit organizations serving Taos and western Colfax County.

Link: http://www.taoscf.org/

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