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Deadline: May 31, 2018

The City of Albuquerque, Albuquerque Community Foundation, and My Brother’s Keeper Alliance: MentorMe

MentorMe is a grant program for organizations that are providing creative and innovative mentorship opportunities to benefit young men of color (YMOC) in the Greater Albuquerque Area. Funding will support organizations working in various mentorship capacities, providing mentorship through: education, the arts, juvenile justice system, job training, and daily life. Proposed projects must be serving YMOC (11 – 24 years old) in the following areas: Bernalillo, Sandoval, Valencia and/or Torrance counties.

The program is intended to support nonprofit organizations that utilize mentorship as a way to keep YMOC on stable paths through life, while reducing the likelihood of incarceration/crime, homelessness and/or increased dependence on drugs and alcohol. Key mentorship areas for this grant opportunity include:

  • Education: Programs applying in this area should have a focus on leveraging mentors as a way to increase students’ attendance, support their academic achievements, promote a positive attitude about school and facilitate a future of higher education (including two-year and four-year colleges).
  • Arts: Programs applying in this category will focus on organizations using mentorship in the arts as a way to engage youth in a healthy future.
  • Juvenile Justice: Programs applying in this category should strive to break the cycle of incarceration through mentorship programs that work within the juvenile justice system (or work with individuals who have recently exited the system) to help reduce repeated and future incarceration rates.
  • Job Training: Programs applying in this category will support mentors who prepare their mentees for professional careers and assist with their workplace skills by: helping set career goals and taking the steps to realize them; using personal contacts to help young people network with industry professionals, find internships, and locate possible jobs; introducing young people to resources and organizations they may not be familiar with; and sharing skills for seeking a job, interviewing for a job, and keeping a job.
  • Daily Life: Programs applying in this category should offer mentorship programs that address the everyday obstacles youth may face as they navigate their daily journey into adulthood.

Amount: A total of $100,000 is available to make 4-5 awards that range from $20,000-$25,000.

Eligibility: Organizations must be:

  • Exempt from U.S. federal income tax pursuant to section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and classified as a public charity under section 509(a)(1) or section 509(a)(2) of the Code; and/or an educational institution or governmental entity
  • Located anywhere in the United States, however a local partner supporting the Greater Albuquerque Area is required

Link: http://albuquerquefoundation.org/mentorme.aspx

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