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The Workers Lab: The Innovation Fund

Deadline: July 12, 2021

The Workers Lab gives new ideas for workers a chance to succeed and flourish, and invests in innovations that address immediate and structural problems that exist because systems and structures are outdated and were not created with all workers in mind. The Innovation Fund seeks innovators with new ideas about how to transform systems and structures to make all workers safe, healthy, secure, and free.

Proposed projects can be new solutions to problems facing workers, or new approaches to an existing idea. Projects can help workers in new geographies, underrepresented industries, or demographics that have been historically excluded. Projects should:

  • address a critical problem facing workers today
  • propose a new or innovative solution about how to transform systems or structures to make all workers safe, healthy, secure, or free
  • be conducted by a team that has a clear approach to including workers in the design and development of the project
  • be conducted by a team that has demonstrated in-depth thinking about the long-term possibilities for the project

In addition to receiving funding to give their new idea a chance to succeed, awardees will receive mentoring, training, and organizational support where The Workers Lab can add value. Applicants may submit more than one application, but only one project per applicant will be awarded. Eligible expenses are generally flexible, as long as funds are used in support of the proposed project.

Note: There will be two webinars for interested applicants, held on June 10 and June 22, 2021.

Amount: Up to $150,000.

Eligibility: Non-profit organizations, Public sector entities, Co-operatives or other worker-led entities, For-profit companies, Social enterprises, Projects that have established a relationship with a fiscal sponsor but are not independent organizations themselves

Link: https://www.theworkerslab.com/innovationfund

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