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Deadline: June 4, 2019

Third Wave Fund: Mobilize Power Fund

The Mobilize Power Fund is a rapid response fund for direct action, community mobilizing, and healing justice. The Fund supports the leadership of young women of color, trans, gender non-conforming, queer, and intersex youth under 35 in social movements. The Fund considers the following criteria is important:

  • Youth Leadership: Young women of color and/or trans, gender non-conforming, intersex activists, and/or queer youth under 35 are a core part of planning and decision-making processes. Campaigns, efforts, or organizations are led by and for communities impacted by the event or situation that the applicant is responding to.
  • Gender Justice Focus: The applicant’s political analysis and project show how the issue(s) it is responding to addresses or is connected to patriarchy, transphobia, homophobia, gender inequity, or gender-based violence. Gender Justice activism includes racial justice, economic justice, immigration justice, reproductive justice, health and HIV/AIDS justice, trans/intersex/queer justice, disability justice, healing justice, anti-violence, and/or anti-criminalization work.
  • Community Power Building: The proposal’s strategies and activities help build power for youth-led gender justice activism, organizing, and/or healing in the applicant’s communities, and are connected to the goal(s), outcome(s), and/or changes that are desired as a result of the proposed actions.
  • Urgency or Time-Sensitivity: The event or situation the applicant is responding to was unanticipated, requires urgent or timely action, and/or leverages recent attention or media coverage.

The Mobilize Power Fund may support the following:

  • Actions against criminalization and violence
  • Urgent community organizing or direct action
  • Unanticipated legislative or ballot initiative campaigns
  • Leadership training or participatory action research
  • Healing and healing justice work
  • Legal or bail fees
  • Marches or rallies
  • Conflict mediation/resolution

Amount: Grants of up to $7,500 are made per group. Coalitions or joint applications can request up to $15,000.

Eligibility: Coalitions, informal groups, and nonprofit organizations. Organizations do not need a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status or a fiscal sponsor to receive funding. Third Wave Fund strongly encourages grassroots organizations, groups, and collectives led by and for young people of color and low-income communities to apply. The Fund prioritizes organizations with budgets under $500,000 and that are based in areas with limited access to philanthropic resources.

Link: http://thirdwavefund.org/mobilize-power-fund.html

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