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U.S. Department of Agriculture: Rural Microentrepreneur Assistance Program (RMAP)

Deadline: June 30, 2022

The purpose of the Rural Microentrepreneur Assistance Program (RMAP) is to support the development and ongoing success of rural Microentrepreneurs and Microenterprises. Awardees must provide training and technical assistance, make microloans, facilitate access to capital, or have an effective plan or program to deliver such services. RMAP provides direct loans and grants to Microenterprise Development Organizations (MDO). Grant funds are used by MDOs to provide technical assistance and entrepreneurship training to rural individuals and businesses. Loan funds are used to establish or recapitalize a revolving loan program for making microloans to a rural microentrepreneur business. RMAP provides the following types of support: 1) loan only, 2) combination loan and technical assistance grant, and 3) subsequent technical assistance grants to MDOs.

Applicants are encouraged to consider projects that will advance the following key priorities:

  • Assisting Rural communities recover economically from the impacts of the COVID–19 pandemic, particularly disadvantaged communities;
  • Ensuring all rural residents have equitable access to RD programs and benefits from RD funded projects; and
  • Reducing climate pollution and increasing resilience to the impacts of climate change through economic support to rural communities.

Amount: The maximum amount awarded for loans will be $500,000; the maximum amount awarded for grants will be $100,000.

Note: MDO grantees are required to provide a match of not less than 15% of the total amount of the grant in the form of matching funds, indirect costs, or in-kind goods or services. The Federal share of the eligible project cost of a micro-borrower’s project funded under this notice shall not exceed 75%. The cost share requirement shall be met by the micro-lender in accordance with the requirements of the grant.

Eligibility: Domestic organizations that are non-profit entities, Indian tribes, or public institutions of higher education.

Link: https://www.grants.gov/web/grants/view-opportunity.html?oppId=334833

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