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Deadline: July 15, 2016

U.S. Department of Education: Teacher Incentive Fund

The purpose of the Teacher Incentive Fund (TIF) program is to support, develop, and implement sustainable performance-based compensation systems for teachers, principals, and other personnel in high-need schools, within the context of a local educational agency’s (LEA’s) overall human capital management system, in order to increase educator effectiveness and student achievement in those schools.

There are one absolute priority (which must be met to apply), two competitive preference priorities, and one invitational priority as part of the current competition:

  • Absolute Priority: An LEA-Wide Human Capital Management System (HCMS) With Educator Evaluation and Support Systems at the Center. To meet this priority, the applicant must include, in its application, a description of its LEA-wide HCMS, as it exists currently and with any modifications proposed for implementation during the project period of the grant.
  • Competitive Preference Priority 1: Supporting High-Need Students (2 points). Projects that are designed to improve academic outcomes for students served by rural Local Educational Agencies.
  • Competitive Priority 2: Improving Teacher Effectiveness and Promoting Equitable Access to Effective Educators (up to 5 points). Projects that are designed to promote equitable access to effective teachers for students from low-income families and minority students across and within schools and districts.
  • Invitational Priority: Promoting Equitable Access Through State Plans To Ensure Equitable Access to Excellent Educators. Applications that include a description of how the applicant’s project promotes equitable access to effective educators for students from low-income families and for minority students across and within districts, consistent with approved State Plans to Ensure Equitable Access to Excellent Educators.

Amount: Up to $70,000,000 is available for grants ranging from $500,000-$12,000,000 each for the first year of the project. The estimated average award size is $10,000,000. Funding for years 2-5 is contingent on availability of funds.

Eligibility: LEAs, including charter schools that are LEAs; States that apply with one or more LEAs; and nonprofit organizations that apply in partnership with one or more LEAs or an LEA and State.

Link: http://www2.ed.gov/programs/teacherincentive/index.html

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