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Deadline: June 13, 2016

U.S. Department of Justice: Practitioner-Researcher Partnership in Cognitive Behavioral Mentoring Program

The Practitioner-Researcher Partnership in Cognitive Behavioral Mentoring Program will support the development, implementation, and evaluation of mentoring approaches for youth at high risk for delinquency/juvenile and criminal justice involvement or victimization and trauma. Mentoring approaches must incorporate practices that are informed by research on cognitive behavioral interventions and techniques. The program will fund a partnership between a practitioner/service provider and an evaluator/researcher.

Practitioner/service provider applicants should develop and implement cognitive behavioral-informed practices within existing mentoring programs. These new or enhanced approaches should be piloted, manualized, and implemented with a diverse target population (defined as populations that differ demographically and/or in implementation setting). Researcher applicants should design a rigorous evaluation that examines the program design, implementation fidelity and process, and program impact. The practitioner and researcher is expected to work closely throughout the application and program development, implementation, and evaluation. Separate awards are expected to be made to support program development and service delivery (Category 1) and evaluation activities (Category 2):

  • Category 1: Program Development and Implementation: This category will fund the development and implementation of innovative mentoring approaches that incorporate practices informed by the research on cognitive behavioral interventions and techniques for high-risk youth. Proposed programmatic approaches under this category should include: 1) a research-informed cognitive mentoring program model; 2) a high-risk youth target population; 3) implementation sites that are established youth mentoring programs; and 4) a plan for manualization that promotes potential replication.
  • Category 2: Evaluation: This category will fund an evaluation of the partner program proposed under Category 1. The applicant should propose an evaluation, using the most rigorous approach feasible. Applicants should propose an evaluation of the quality of implementation, the implementation process, and outcomes. The applicant should provide a detailed explanation of the research design, including why it is a scientifically valid and feasible approach and how it includes the most reasonable and rigorous methods available for the program.

Amount: A total of up to $1,000,000 will be awarded through this competition. Two awards are expected to be made under both Categories 1 and 2 (four awards total) for up to $250,000 per award.

Eligibility: States (including territories), units of local government, federally recognized Indian tribal governments, nonprofit and for-profit organizations (including tribal nonprofit or for-profit organizations), and institutions of higher education (including tribal institutions of higher education). Applicants under this program must be in practitioner-researcher partnerships. Practitioner applicants will be funded under Category 1 and research applicants will be funded under Category 2.

Link: http://www.grants.gov/web/grants/view-opportunity.html?oppId=283315

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