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Deadline: June 20, 2016

U.S. Department of Justice: Reducing Reliance on Secure Placement and Improving Community-Based Responses for Girls At-Risk of Entering the Juvenile Justice System

The goal of the “Reducing Reliance on Confinement and Improving Community-Based Responses for Girls at Risk of Entering the Juvenile Justice System” program is to incentivize states, tribes, and localities to implement reforms, reduce reliance on secure placement, and improve community-based responses for girls at risk of entering the juvenile justice system. The program will support state, tribal, or local entities to:

  • Develop a three-year implementation plan to reduce reliance on confinement and improve community-based responses for girls at risk of entering the juvenile justice system
  • Develop formal collaborations between states, units of local government, tribal governments, courts, and nonprofit programs with the primary purpose of serving and advocating for girls at risk of entering the juvenile justice system, and other stakeholders
  • Conduct an assessment of girls currently adjudicated or in secure placement in a state, tribal, or local juvenile justice system, using data analyzed by gender, race, and ethnicity

The objectives are to:

  • End the practice of placing girls and young women who are status offenders or domestic minor sex trafficking victims in the juvenile justice system
  • Reduce the arrest and detention of girls and young women for simple assault and technical violations of probation and parole
  • Phase out the use of valid court orders
  • Amend mandatory arrest policies for domestic violence to ensure those policies focus on intimate partner violence between adults, not on youth and intrafamily conflict
  • Reduce reliance on suspension and expulsion and employ school-based interventions that use proactive approaches that address the underlying cause of the behavior and reinforce positive behaviors

Amount: A total of $750,000 will be used to make three awards ranging up to $250,000 each. In certain cases, supplemental funding of as much as $500,000 per grantee may be awarded in future years to grantees.

Eligibility: Eligible applicants are units of local government, state agencies, federally recognized tribes, and nonprofit and for-profit agencies. Eligible applicants must form a collaborative that includes at least one nonprofit (community-based organization) and one unit of local government or state or tribal agency. At least one member of the collaborative should have specialized experience serving the target population.

Link: http://www.grants.gov/web/grants/view-opportunity.html?oppId=283501

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