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Deadline: March 2, 2015

U.S. Department of Justice: Second Chance Act Strengthening Relationships Between Young Fathers and Their Children – A Reentry Mentoring Project

The Second Chance Act Strengthening Relationships Between Young Fathers and Their Children: A Reentry Mentoring Project helps ensure that the transition young fathers make from secure confinement facilities and out-of-home placement back to their families and their communities is successful and promotes public safety. This solicitation will fund mentoring and comprehensive transitional services that emphasize development of parenting skills in offenders who are young fathers.

This program supports the implementation and delivery of transitional/reentry services that include one-to-one, group, and peer mentoring services to offenders who are young fathers. Transitional services include a broad range of activities, including providing case management, targeting offender needs that affect recidivism, supporting comprehensive services to promote responsible fatherhood and family engagement, and implementing strategies that enhance the life skills and future of young fathers and their families. Programs should target services to increase positive parenting behaviors, which include but are not limited to homework assistance, words of encouragement/support, limit setting, affection/ hugging/praise, family/child activities, and other behaviors that the applicant identifies. Applicants should describe how the proposed program will include a family engagement component. The proposed program should provide a continuum of engagement opportunities to increase and engage the family by fostering fatherhood and parenting, reconnecting families, and promoting family involvement and engagement activities.

To aid in the reentry planning and service coordination,the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) will require a formal partnership with the out-of-home placement and juvenile correctional agency/facility in which youth are returning from and the agency supervising youth in the community, which may or may not be the same agency. For the purpose of this solicitation, mentoring is a structured relationship between an adult or trained peer and one or more young fathers. Applicants should demonstrate a strong partnership between the mentoring organization and the department/entity for the state/local/tribal secure confinement facility or facilities holding the identified target population.

The Department encourages applicants to consider a partnership with a local research organization that can assist with data collection, performance measurement, and local evaluations.

Amount: $4,200,000 for up to 10 awards of $420,000 each. The project period is 36 months, of which up to 12 months may be used as a planning period. During the planning period, grantees will have access to funding of up to $50,000, with the remainder available during the implementation phase.

Eligibility: Nonprofit organizations (including faith-based, tribal, and community nonprofit organizations) and federally recognized Indian tribes. Applicants must submit letters of support or memoranda of understanding with juvenile justice or adult correctional agencies that oversee the reentry process for young fathers (younger than 25 years old).

The target population for this initiative is medium-to-high risk offenders. Targeted young fathers must be confined (held in secure confinement facilities, such as a juvenile detention center, juvenile correctional facility, staff-secure facility, jail, or prison of a local or state juvenile or adult correctional agency) and admitted to the program prior to their 25th birthday.

Link: http://www.ojjdp.gov/grants/solicitations/FY2015/FatherhoodMentoring.pdf

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