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Deadline: August 25, 2016

U.S. Department of Labor: America’s Promise Job Driven Grant Program

The H-1B America’s Promise Job-driven Grant Program (America’s Promise) seeks to strengthen the pipeline of skilled workers to expand an economic region’s middle- to high-skilled workforce within one or more prioritized industry sector(s), thereby creating economic opportunities for America’s workforce to gain the necessary skills to fill in-demand jobs and increasing the long-term competitiveness of an economic region. To help achieve this goal, America’s Promise will provide individuals the opportunity to get high-quality, tuition free education and training that leads to in-demand and industry-recognized credentials and degrees.

As an effective way to build a skilled workforce that addresses knowledge and skills shortages in specific industry sectors, America’s Promise requires applicants to develop new or expand and strengthen existing regional workforce partnerships to implement sector strategies and industry partnerships. Sector strategies focus on organizing multiple employers from a high growth industry sector that collectively define their skill needs and the credentials they use to make hiring and advancement decisions. In addition, sector strategies can help to align state programs and resources for employers and workers in a region by aligning the regional workforce system’s training programs to adapt to employer skill needs through sector-based career pathways.

A fundamental goal is to accelerate the development of new and the expansion of existing 21st century regional workforce partnerships with business and industry leaders committed to providing a pipeline of skilled workers in a specific industry sector(s). These partnerships will bring together industry leaders with senior level leadership from workforce and economic development, secondary and post-secondary education, elected officials, and other important community stakeholders. Partnerships will be focused on four key priorities: 1) Increasing opportunities for all Americans; 2) Expanding employer engagement; 3) Using evidence-based design; and 4) Leveraging and aligning additional resources.

Targeted industries and occupations: America’s Promise grants will fund projects that support well-paying, middle- and high-skilled, and high-growth jobs across a diversity of H-1B industries in the area applicants are proposing to serve. “High-growth” jobs are defined as those which: 1) are projected to add substantial numbers of new jobs to the economy; 2) have substantial job vacancies currently available; 3) are being transformed by technology and innovation that require workers to obtain new skill sets; or 4) have a significant impact on the economy overall or on the growth of other industries and occupations.

Amount: A total of $100,000,000 is available to fund approximately 20-40 grants, with individual grants ranging from $1,000,000-$6,000,000. The period of performance is four years.

Eligibility: Grants will be awarded to the lead applicant of a regional workforce partnership, which will serve as the grantee and have overall fiscal and administrative responsibility for the grant. Eligible lead applicants must be public or nonprofit organizations that: 1) meet the definition of one of the three types of eligible entities described below; and 2) include at least one representative of each of the four types of required regional workforce partnership entities, which collectively form the “regional workforce partnership.” The lead applicant in the regional workforce partnership must represent one of the following types of entities:

  • The workforce investment system, which are state and local Workforce Development Boards and American Job Center Operators under Section 121 of WIOA and Native American Program entities eligible for funding under Section 166 of WIOA (29 U.S.C. 3221).
  • Education and training providers, including community and technical colleges and systems; joint labor-management training partnerships; nonprofit and community-based organizations that offer job training, including those organizations that have been approved as WIOA Eligible Training Providers. Eligible lead applicants must be a public or nonprofit organization.
  • Business-related nonprofit organizations, an organization functioning as a workforce intermediary for the express purpose of serving the needs of an industry, or a regional or industry association that represents at least five employers.

Required partners in the regional workforce partnership include:

  • Employers and industry representatives that align with the partnership’s regional sector strategies.
  • The Workforce Investment System representing the regional service area.
  • Economic development agencies representing the regional service area.
  • Education and training providers representing the regional service area, including community and technical colleges or systems, joint labor-management training partnerships, and nonprofit and community-based organizations that offer job training.

Please refer to the solicitation for more specific details regarding eligibility and partnership structure.

Link: https://www.doleta.gov/grants/find_grants.cfm

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