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Deadline: July 2, 2019

U.S. Department of Labor: Susan Harwood Training Program Grants

The Susan Harwood Training Grants program funds organizations to develop training and educational materials on the recognition, abatement, and prevention of occupational safety and health hazards in workplaces. When developing and disseminating occupational safety and health training materials, consider these four program emphasis areas:

  • Training that focuses on identifying and preventing occupational safety and health hazards in high hazard industries
  • Training on new Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards
  • Training on workplace hazards identified by the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) Strategic Plan, OSHA special emphasis program, or other OSHA priorities (www.osha.gov/)
  • Training workers and employers in small businesses with 250 or fewer employees

The Susan Harwood Training Grants are offered through the following opportunities:

  • Targeted Topic Training grant proposals must emphasize delivering quality occupational safety and health training on one OSHA-specified topic (see solicitation for a detailed listing of topics). Proposals may include acquiring training materials, revising existing Susan Harwood training materials, or developing new training materials. Training must reach workers and employers from multiple small businesses.
  • Training and Educational Materials Development grants support the development of occupational safety and health training and educational materials. Applicant proposals must emphasize developing new training and educational materials on one OSHA-specified topic. Training must reach workers and employers from multiple small businesses. Applicants should not duplicate existing materials without a justification. New materials must fill an unmet need and be relevant and useful to a wide-range of trainers and trainees. New materials must include training goals, terminal, learning, and enabling objectives, course matrix, presentation materials, instructor manual/notes, PowerPoint presentations containing speaker notes, student materials, pre- and post-tests, and other useful resources. Applicants must describe how they will develop, evaluate, and validate new classroom-quality training and educational materials. To evaluate and validate the effectiveness of the new materials, grantees must conduct a pilot training to a targeted audience using the new materials.
  • Capacity Building grants support organizations that, through past activities, have established a capability to provide occupational safety and health training, education, materials development, and/or technical assistance. Based on a needs assessment, the applicant must conduct a significant number of trainings that address occupational safety and health hazards. Additionally, applicants are encouraged to develop educational materials, and to provide technical assistance. Applicants must develop a comprehensive plan for becoming a resource center for safety and health including how they will become financially self-sufficient after the four-year capacity building period. Based on satisfactory performance and congressional funding, Capacity Building Developmental grants may be eligible for no more than three additional 12-month follow-on grants.
  • Capacity Building Pilot grants assist organizations that demonstrate a potential for meeting the objectives of the Capacity Building Developmental program, but need to assess their organizational capabilities, priorities, and needs. The Capacity Building Pilot allows an organization to complete pilot activities and to solidify the organization’s capacity building plans, by allowing time to formulate and test program objectives before moving forward into developing a full-scale Capacity Building Developmental program. Recipients of a Capacity Building Pilot grant will initiate limited program operations during the 12-month pilot period. The program operations should be small-scale trial projects. Upon successful completion of the Capacity Building Pilot grant, an organization may apply for a Capacity Building Developmental grant in the next fiscal year the grant opportunity is available.

Amount: Grant awards are dependent on each program as follows:

  • Capacity Building grants: A total of 4,500,000 is available to make Capacity Building Developmental grants that range up to $180,000 and Capacity Building Pilot grants that range up to $80,000
  • Training and Education Materials Development grant: A total of $6,000,000 is available to make awards that range up to $75,000
  • Targeted Topic Training grant: A total of $6,000,000 is available to make awards that range up to $160,000

Eligibility: Nonprofit organizations including qualifying labor unions, community-based and faith-based organizations, employer associations that are not an agency of a state or local government, state or local government-supported institutions of higher education, Indian tribes, tribal organizations, Alaska Native entities, Indian-controlled organizations serving Indians, and Native Hawaiian organizations.

Organizations are restricted to one Susan Harwood Training grant award in a fiscal year.

Links: Grants.gov has separate solicitations for each grant:

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