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Deadline: November 20, 2015

United Way of Central New Mexico

United Way of Central New Mexico (UWCNM) is soliciting proposals for Annual Program Grants (Community Fund and Affinity Group) and for Community Impact Project Grants. Focus areas for each program are detailed below.

Community Fund: This fund helps ensure that individuals and families in central New Mexico have the opportunity to achieve potential through education, that they are healthy and safe, are financially stable, and live life with dignity. Support is provided for:

  • Educational programs that create communities where: 1) children are born healthy and develop on track and are prepared to enter the educational system; and 2) students progress successfully through elementary and middle school and graduate high school within five years ready for school, life, or work; and 3) individuals have an opportunity to utilize some form of post-secondary education, from trade schools to 4-year universities.
  • Health programs that create communities where individuals and families: 1) receive affordable and equitable health services; 2) live in a safe environment; 3) exhibit healthy behaviors; and 4) live in a health-promoting environment.
  • Basic needs/financial stability programs that create communities where individuals and families: 1) have resources to support their needs; 2) have the skills, knowledge, and relationships they need to increase and manage their income; and 3) where vulnerable populations are safe, socially engaged, and live with dignity.

Affinity Groups: These consist of donors who support the United Way of Central New Mexico through their time and financial contributions. Grant making interests within these include:

  • Hispano Philanthropic Society Middle School Initiative: Delivery of services to empower middle school youth to reach their highest potential.
  • Women in Philanthropy Self Sufficiency Initiative: Delivery of services to help create sustainable systemic change through grants that address a continuum of services and the most pressing issues for adult women, 18 and over, including improving graduation rates or assisting with GED completion; providing job/skill training or retraining women to secure gainful employment; or supporting transition and/or permanent housing for women.
  • Young Leaders Society High School Initiative Fund: Delivery of services to assist, inspire and empower youth, ages 13-18 and/or in high school, to transition into adulthood and to develop into our future leaders. Focus areas have included: encouraging the continued growth of young leaders; supporting educational needs; providing life skills; and inspiring community involvement.

Community Impact Project Grants: This is a new program, through which four multi-year funding opportunities will be offered. Focus areas are: 1) behavioral health: prevention, intervention, and education; 2) K-12 attendance; 3) K-12 summer learning; and 4) adult education: transitions to college, recruitment, and re-engagement.

Amount: Not stated for this year. Last year, the total amount granted in the Community Fund and Affinity Group opportunities was $3,500,000. The Community Impact Project Grants opportunity is new this year.

Eligibility: Applicants should:

  • Be certified by the IRS as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization
  • Provide health and human service(s) in one or more of the four central New Mexico counties: Bernalillo, Sandoval, Torrance and Valencia
  • Serve the vulnerable in the community in the form of a program that aligns with the UWNCM Community Impact Strategy Maps (Affinity Group Applicants must align with one or more respective “Initiative Priorities”); available online
  • Adhere to UWCNM’s non-discrimination policy
  • Have a Board of Directors in compliance with agency by-laws

Agencies may apply for one of each of the following grants if they meet eligibility requirements:

  • Community Fund and Affinity Group annual program grants: for single or collaborative applicants
  • Community Impact Project multi-year grants: successful proposals will likely be collaborative projects, though collaboration among multiple agencies is not mandated

Link: http://www.uwcnm.org/community-fund/apply

Notes: Two agency grant application training sessions will be held on October 27, 2015 and on November 2, 2015. See the online applicant manuals that detail evaluation criteria used to score proposals and recommend funding.

Agency financial review documents are due by November 20. The application is due February 12, 2016.

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