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Deadline: October 2, 2019

VentureWell: E-Team Grants

An E-Team (Entrepreneur-Team) is a multidisciplinary group of students working with faculty mentor to bring an invention to market. The E-Team Program is an integrated program of grant funding, training, coaching, and investment. E-Teams may form as a result of a course, extracurricular program, or the independent initiative of students. The E-Team grant program provides grant funding, intensive workshop training, national recognition, and peer networking to help students move their innovation forward. The program advances teams through the pathway they’re likely to take as an innovator and entrepreneur. VentureWell’s mission is to give student teams the best possible chance to move technologies out of the lab or classroom and into the marketplace. Funding is awarded through two stages:

  • Stage 1 grant: Successful teams will receive a $5,000 grant and are required to participate in the three-day Pioneer workshop. The $5,000 award is intended to cover travel expenses related to attending the workshop, and remaining funds may be used for expenses associated with developing the innovation. The funds are awarded to and administered by the team’s institution.
  • Stage 2 grant: Stage 1 E-Teams may apply for a Stage 2 grant. E-Teams that submit successful Stage 2 applications will receive $20,000 in grant funding and attend the Propel workshop followed by three months of virtual coaching.

Many E-Team inventions and innovations fall into one of the following categories:

  • Biomedical devices, health care diagnostics, and/or global health technologies
  • Clean technologies related to renewable energy, energy storage, agriculture, or water
  • Green chemistry and sustainable materials
  • Technologies for low-resource settings (US and/or internationally) that address poverty and basic human needs such as affordable energy, clean water, sanitation, health and medical devices, agriculture, and other income-generating tools
  • Other compelling technologies beyond those listed above that meet the program criteria will also be considered if there is a strong and logical description of the product’s social or environmental impact

A product is a fit for the E-Team grant program if:

  • It is an engineered, physical product that is different from other competing technologies
  • It can potentially scale to leverage a large commercial opportunityIt addresses a large social, environmental, or economic problem
  • There is a plausible path to commercialization

Amount: E-Teams will have the opportunity to secure up to $25,000 in grant funding, attend required workshops (Stage 1 and Stage 2), and receive coaching from VentureWell.

  • Stage 1: $5,000 + workshop
  • Stage 2: $20,000 grant + workshop + coaching

Eligibility: This program is for U.S.-based college or university student-led teams that are a part of a VentureWell member institution (U.S.-based college or university). See the following link to learn how to become a member: https://venturewell.org/membership/. Additionally applicants must:

  • Be a team of two or more. Teams must include at least two active students (undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, or a student in some fellowship programs) for the duration of the grant period. Students should serve as the entrepreneurial leader(s) of a team, and should have a role in decision making and leading venture development, regardless of the origin of the idea or invention. Other team members should include advisors from within and outside the institution who have experience, knowledge, and network connections that will contribute to the team’s success.
  • Demonstrate institutional support. All teams are required to obtain verification of support from a Principal Investigator (PI), Administrative Contact (AC), and Department Chair (DC).
  • Be committed. Teams intend to commercialize the innovation where possible.

Link: https://venturewell.org/student-grants/guidelines-stage-1/

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