Priority Grant Programs Guide

About This Guide

The Grant Plant assembled this guide using data from and the New Mexico Catalog of Local Assistance Programs, as well as other federal and local funding opportunity listings.

Primary Data Sources was the primary source for federal funding data. It is a federal website with database records of all federal grants, awards, and contracts. The Grant Plant pulled individual award data as follows.

Federal Awards Dataset:

  • Awarded in Fiscal Years 2019-2023
  • Discretionary grants, cooperative agreements
  • Recipients that are non-profits
  • Exclude projects/recipients outside US

Federal data also includes awards that are loans and loan guarantees, and programs for which other types of entities, such as local governments and government agencies, may be eligible.

Note that the federal opportunities in this guide are written with the corresponding Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) number in parentheses after the program title.

Data on New Mexico-based funding was primarily taken from the NM Catalog of Local Assistance Programs. We used search filters similar to those used to find federal program data, seeking out recent funding streams that support public and private non-profit entities, and provide grants and loans.

Search Parameters

Our research yielded 48,200+ records—the next step was to refine these results. Search results were refined with consideration to factors such as award amount; representation of NM organizations among past non-profit awardees*; amounts and numbers of awards funded to non-profit organizations**; geographical restrictions and relevance to NM; alignment with selected industry sectors; alignment with the Justice40 Initiative, the Inflation Reduction Act, and the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act***; and whether funding opportunities provide support for capacity building activities. Search parameters and the selected industry sectors were determined by local funders whose support has made this guide possible. The guide is intended to reflect funding opportunities that are promising and actionable for NM public and private non-profit entities.

* Federal opportunities found to be underfunded in New Mexico, or underutilized by New Mexico non-profit organizations, may hold more promise for NM-based non-profit applicants. Due to some federal programs’ aim to evenly distribute funds across all states or allot a certain amount of funds based on state population, NM-based applicants may have a better chance of being awarded by programs that have historically under-funded New Mexico. Therefore, we have indicated the programs that have historically under-funded NM-based organizations (subject to availability of such data).

** Where data was available, we have indicated Award Volume to Non-Profits, and Funding Flowing to Non-Profits, based on historical awardee data. This information can give a sense of an agency’s preference or ability to fund non-profit organizations.

*** Federal opportunities that receive supplemental funding from the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA Funded) or the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA/BIL Funded) are indicated as such. Opportunities that have a Justice40 designation are also indicated.

Star Ratings

Some of the federal opportunities listed here have yellow Star Ratings. Ratings are between one and four stars, with more stars indicating higher number of awards or higher dollars awarded, relative to other federal programs. More Stars may indicate that a program holds more potential for applicants to be awarded by these programs, based on the historical data available.

Note that only the programs for which this data was available have Star Ratings. Lack of Star Rating does not necessarily indicate that a program has less funding potential than a program with a Star Rating. Stars should be understood as just one piece of information, not an indication that a program is good or bad. Certain types of grants, agencies, and focus areas have higher or lower award numbers or funding based on their granting strategies. For example, programs funding construction have some of the highest overall funding levels, making it hard for non-capital programs to reach a four-star level.

Star Ratings are based on total number of grants and cooperative agreements made, and the total dollars granted to nonprofit applicants during a five-year period (2019-2023), in comparison to other federal funding programs (source: