Are you Ready?

We do our best to set up every client for success and streamline the grant seeking process. That’s why we always start by asking: “Are you grant ready?” When your organization is prepared for the grant process, it’s easier to target the right opportunities and grow your grant funding over time. It also helps us use your time and resources wisely. 

If you can answer “yes” to these questions, you’re grant ready — and ready to work with us.

Are you grant ready?

  1. Do you represent a government agency, educational institution, or non-profit organization?
  2. If your organization is non-profit, do you have your 501(c)(3) IRS designation in place, another 501 charitable designation, or a fiscal sponsor agreement with an organization that is a 501(c)(3)?
  3. If your organization is non-profit, have you had your 501 status for at least three years?
  4. If your organization is a non-profit, are you up to date with all annual state filings? (In New Mexico, this is NM COROS located on the Attorney General’s Charity Search and listed as in “Good Standing” with the New Mexico Secretary of State Corporation Search)?
  5. Do you have current mission and vision statements in place?
  6. Do you have a current operating budget that has been approved by your board (or governing council)? 
  7. Do you have documented financial or accounting policies?
  8. Is your organization free from any significant financial issues (do you owe back-taxes, have you defaulted on financing, ended prior year with a significant deficit, etc.)?
  9. If your annual income is more than $500,000, do you have an audit without findings?

“This has been amazing…we had no idea you would take us on this journey. I started out as a novice, and now I am a novice plus…I can’t wait for you to do more.” – Workshop series participant regarding grant funds for school facilities

Answered “no”?

That’s ok. For organizations in New Mexico, our friends at the Groundworks NM, the Rio Grande Community Development Corporation or 501(C)PA offer programs and services to help grantseekers become grant ready. Then give us a call.


Not in New Mexico?

These national organizations help non-profits prepare for the grant process. options:

Nonprofit Legal Center | National Council of Nonprofits IRS Charities and