Grant Management & Reporting

Now that you’ve won the grant, you want to make sure your organization is confident in navigating the intricate maze of regulations while ensuring adherence to grant terms. Perhaps program complexities are daunting, or in-house expertise falls short. Some seek to elevate compliance standards, reducing the risk of non-compliance while enhancing operational focus on grant projects. Our grant management team can provide ease of mind to align your organization’s deliverables with the requirements of the funder.

We work primarily with tax-exempt organizations including nonprofits, public agencies, and educational institutions to successfully deliver on the grants they are awarded – especially from Federal agencies. We can also help build your capacity internally to manage grant awards.

With The Grant Plant as your advocate you can expect:

We aim to ensure seamless compliance with regulations while optimizing operational efficiency.  We offer a myriad of services tailored to lighten the load for grant recipients:

Financial Compliance: Review financial transactions, ensuring alignment with federal grant regulations. 

Programmatic Compliance: Monitor program activities, ensuring alignment with grant objectives and performance metrics.

Reporting Compliance: Prepare and submit all required reports, easing the paperwork burden for grant recipients.

Documentation and Recordkeeping: Ensure essential documentation and records are maintained for audits and compliance.

Monitoring and Risk Assessment: Conduct ongoing risk assessments, preemptively identifying and addressing compliance vulnerabilities.

Audit Preparation and Support: Guide organizations through preparation, respond to auditor inquiries, and manage corrective actions with finesse.

Training and Education: Impart wisdom to organization staff, ensuring they’re well-versed in grant compliance requirements.

Regulatory Updates: Keep a finger on the pulse of regulatory changes, swiftly adapting compliance practices to align with evolving federal guidelines.

“You’ve been so supportive and patient with us as we figure out what we are doing, bringing so much knowledge and expertise regarding federal and other foundation requirements for grants and other funding.”
– CEO of a Nonprofit Organization