Our Impact

Summer learning programs. Infrastructure and facilities. Health and safety projects. Public art. While we don’t build the playgrounds, run the health clinics, or create new murals to brighten a neighborhood, we help make them possible. 

We go on a journey with our visionary clients to understand their goals and then act as their guide, making the grant process less stressful, and our clients more successful in their philanthropic work.  

Since we started in 2003, our clients have been awarded 60 percent of the grants we’ve helped them submit. That’s compared to the generally-accepted national average of 30 percent. 

We’re honored to help our clients make a difference in the world!


Cumulative Results 2003 through 2023:

  • Funding awarded: $254,913,434
  • Average grant size: $179,109
  • Success rate of proposals: 64%

“Each time I read it, I am so amazed over how you take all our information and weave it into such a beautiful document. There are so many well written sections we can use in our recruitment and advertising materials for a variety of different audiences.” – Charter school educator regarding private foundation proposal