Grant Research & Writing

When you’re grant-ready, we’ll help turn your organization’s vision into a reality with a winning grant proposal. Have our talented team lead the way and manage the entire grant process, or choose a few of our services to complement your expertise.

How We Help

Find Grants
Set the foundation for success with the right match:

  • Conduct comprehensive research
  • Select results based on the best match
  • Analyze the compatibility between the agency and the funder
  • Provide actionable intelligence
  • Monitor newly released grant opportunities
  • Create a grant calendar
Apply for Grants
Simplify the most complicated part of the process:

  • Analyze agency solicitations 
  • Manage the grant project
  • Help plan the program 
  • Create logic models and theories of change
  • Develop the narrative, budgets, and attachments
  • Apply graphic design to make your grant shine
  • Finalize and submit the application
Set Up for Success & Finish Strong
If you want a guide along the way, we can help:

  • Prepare grant workplans and templates
  • Assist with navigating grant portals
  • Keep your team accountable to deadlines
  • Review interim drafts against guidelines
  • Provide tips to improve competitiveness
  • Proof, format, and polish your final draft
Support Your Grants Office
Complement your in-house talent with our expertise:

  • Grant strategy sessions
  • Create a grant documents file
  • Develop boilerplate text for adaptable use
  • Guide through logic models and theories of change
  • Transfer expenses into the funder’s format
  • Write evaluation plans
  • On-call consulting


“The Grant Plant team were more than writers, they were co-partners and advisors in the grant development process. We have had a spectacular experience with The Grant Plant and would hire them again without hesitation.”
– Workforce consortium regarding a Department of Labor grant