April 10, 2023

Grants Watch: Week Ending 4/7/2023

The Grant Plant routinely reviews funder websites and notices and is pleased to share some upcoming opportunities with you. Contact us if you would like support in preparing a proposal.

Emergency Action Fund (EAF), April 14, 2023 @ 5:00 pm MT

In 2022, New Mexico experienced the worst wildfire season in recorded history. During this time, the Emergency Action Fund (EAF) was reactivated to support the affected communities.

Over $100,000 was granted last year to nonprofits providing emergency and basic human needs services. Now, as these communities begin the process of rebuilding, the remaining funding will be available to support in long-term recovery efforts.

EAF seeks proposals from organizations addressing housing stability and support, access to economic opportunities and/or environmental restoration and reforestation.

  • Housing Stability & Support may include, but is not limited to: supporting individuals and/or families in rebuilding and/or repairing homes affected by the wildfires
  • Access to Economic Opportunities may include, but is not limited to: innovative income opportunities for individuals and/or families whose primary source of income was lost due to the wildfires
  • Environmental Restoration & Reforestation may include, but is not limited to: intentional efforts directly supporting the environmental preservation, restoration and/or prevention of impacted lands


FY24 ECECD New Mexico PreK Grant. April 28, 2023.

The New Mexico Early Childhood Education and Care Department (ECECD) oversees the New Mexico Prekindergarten (PreK) program, a high-quality program that is available to all families with eligible 3- and 4-year-old children, regardless of income. The New Mexico PreK program provides voluntary, quality PreK to support children’s development readiness and builds capacity of early childhood programs in communities. PreK program funding is awarded through a competitive grant opportunity and grantees are monitored for compliance with New Mexico PreK Standards by ECECD. https://www.nmececd.org/prekgrant/

Community Development Division PY23/FY24 Reapplication Packet. April 28, 2023.

PY23/FY24 reapplication packet for Community Development Division contracts. The Department of Family and Community Services has established priority outcomes for all funded projects to ensure accountability and generate improved outcomes as follows:

1) Increased Housing Stability

2) Increased Behavioral Health Stability;

3) Increased Public Safety;

4) Increased Individual and Family Resilience; and 

5) Seniors are Able to Age with Dignity.  

The packet submissions are due by April 28, 2023 by 4:00 pm MST. This project is only for Community Development Division PY23/FY24 renewal contracts. https://cabq.bonfirehub.com/opportunities/91414 

Statewide School-Based Health Center Food Access Innovations and Learning Network. May 5, 2023.

Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry, in partnership with the School-Based Health Alliance (SBHA), will be launching a second phase of grant funding supporting integration of federal nutrition program assistance and food access in school-based health center (SBHC) settings to address healthy food access as a social driver of health. Leaning into community-driven knowledge and solutions, we will support the development of a food access learning network of SBHCs within two states. The learning network will serve as a venue to learn, share, and work together to improve the coordination, quality, and integration of clinical care with food assistance and access. https://app.smartsheet.com/b/form/41f7aa49dc9a4724b6ef9ba9d1bca148

Region 9 Education Cooperative Mentorship Coaches. May 5, 2023.

Region 9 Education Cooperative (REC 9), on behalf of the New Mexico Public Education Department Special Education Division, seeks Mentorship Coaches to support first through third-year Special Education teachers, Native American teachers, and other new teachers who work with both Native American students and students in Special Education. https://www.rec9nm.org/accnt_67464/site_67465/Documents/R9-RFP-23023-Mentorship-Coaches.pdf

NMDOH-OSAH RFP for SBHC Operations. May 15, 2023.

The purpose of this application is to solicit proposals from organizations interestedsupporting school-based health centers (SBHCs) in New Mexico. The SBHC Program seeksto support and expand the SBHC network in New Mexico by investing State general fundsinto both existing and new SBHCs. NMDOH recognizes the uniqueness of each SBHC andthe many variables involved in operating an SBHC. The goal of awarding funding is to investin SBHCs that provide accessible and high-quality care in the most patient-centered,efficient, and sustainable way and which are used by the greatest number of children and youth possible to improve health outcomes. https://files.constantcontact.com/4369af34201/22e8ea85-bd52-4a46-83f7-48199d575854.pdfThe New Mexico Oil & Gas Association (NMOGA) Brighter Future Fund Round #2, May 22, 2023

The New Mexico Oil & Gas Association (NMOGA) is a statewide coalition of oil and natural gas stakeholders, individuals, and companies dedicated to promoting the safe and environmentally responsible development of New Mexico’s oil and natural gas resources. With more than 1,000 members, NMOGA advocates for sensible and balanced policies for the development, production, and transportation of oil and natural gas, and works to increase the public’s awareness and understanding of industry operations and contributions to the state.

NMOGA has partnered with the Albuquerque Community Foundation (ACF) on a statewide grant program to ensure philanthropic funds are invested strategically in communities throughout New Mexico. NMOGA and ACF will be soliciting grant proposals Statewide in three open rounds in 2023, with different funding areas in each round. The first grant round focused on Economic Opportunities; this current round will focus on Education and a future round in 2023 will focus on Hunger.

Grant Round #2

  • Opens: April 7, 2023
  • Deadline: May 22, 2023 5:00pm MT


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