Does The Grant Plant work outside of New Mexico?

Yes! We enjoy working with clients out-of-state. We firmly believe that working in other states helps us meet our mission to improve the quality of life in New Mexico. Working with clients outside of New Mexico gives us great opportunities for helping to facilitate regional and national collaborations, learning about the inspiring work happening around the country, learning about best practices that can affect our work at home, and more. Note that any travel requested on behalf of out-of-state clients is the responsibility of the client. We are happy to “meet” via online collaboration tools.

How do I know where to find funders for my organization or project?

There are many different sources for locating grant funds. The Foundation Center, Guidestar, Grants.gov, and the Federal Register are some of the most common. At The Grant Plant, we use a variety of methods to locate the most up-to-date funding sources. We distill those that are applicable to New Mexico into our online grants calendar. Check it out! You can even sign up to get funding alerts delivered to your inbox.

Is The Grant Plant paid on contingency?

No. Within the fundraising profession, it is considered unethical to be personally vested in the outcome of a grant proposal. We offer more information on this in our blog, grassroots. Planted. We do recognize that many nonprofit organizations pursue grant funding because their current or upcoming cash flow is insufficient, so we strive to keep our rates affordable for our clients.

What is The Grant Plant’s success rate?

Please keep in mind that success rates are often not the best indicator of a grant writer’s work for a variety of reasons; some grants hinge on a site visit process, other grants are based on pre-established relationships with members of the funding agency, and not all clients report the outcome of their proposals to grant writers. However, using data over the past 13 years on the well-over 100 proposals we submit annually, our success rate is 56% on proposals in which the outcomes have been reported to us (ranging from 45% – 65%) . The generally accepted national average is one in three proposals (30%), although the only report we have found is by the Grants Office and references  one in six proposals (17%). Over the past several years, average award sizes for our clients ranged from $129,000-$318,000. To date, The Grant Plant has written more than $90 million in funded proposals.

Are Tara and Erin twins?

Nope — but we are sisters and we do share the same birthday!