Capacity Building

How do you write a grant? What’s the best grant funding resource? Will our grant proposal be competitive? The world of grant funding is complicated, and novices and pros alike have many questions about it. We understand. While we’ve offered training over the years, it was clear that grant professionals and grant seekers in New Mexico needed more.

That’s why, in 2015, we started a separate educational organization now called Pivotal New Mexico. We envisioned a resource that would expand the state’s capacity to attract funding by helping grant professionals improve their skills and by supporting organizations in the early stages of the grant process. That idea has grown into a unique asset that has benefitted so many. Today, Pivotal New Mexico offers: 

  • A Talent Academy to train grant professionals
  • A Cooperative Network to share information among grant seekers
  • Advisory services to provide direction on programs, funding, and compliance

The Grant Plant and Pivotal New Mexico are co-located and we work closely in a one-of-a-kind model that helps prepare projects for grants, creates connections and collaboration in the nonprofit community, and builds long-term capacity and grants expertise in New Mexico.

We’re proud of our sister organization’s success! 

The Talent Academy is a professional fellowship that has helped 37 New Mexican organizations refine their grant-seeking processes and secure over $12.5 million in funding.