Membership Levels

Reading through numerous RFPs only to find that New Mexico is not an eligible geography? Missing grant deadlines because you find out about opportunities too late? Wishing for an easy way to receive notifications that allow you to quickly find out about new grants and their requirements?

These grant opportunities are specifically screened for New Mexico eligibility and extend across many different areas, from health and education to arts and economic development. You’ll be able to select the categories for which you would like to receive Grant Opportunity Alerts on the next screen. One alert comes per day, whenever a new grant in that category is added. The monthly price is the same as that of your daily coffee – no matter how many categories you choose! And if you find a grant you’d like to pursue, consider using The Grant Plant’s writing services.

Level Price  
Daily New Grants Alerts - Monthly Subscription $4.99 per Month. Select
Daily New Grants Alerts - Yearly Subscription $59.00 per Year. Select