January 3, 2018

Now’s the Time to Join the Cooperative Network of Nonprofits!

From our nonprofit education arm…

The Grants Collective is celebrating one year of launching the Cooperative Network for New Mexico’s Nonprofits in January 2018. It has been a wonderful year of supporting, innovating, and connecting our state’s nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, public agencies, and funder networks.

We invite you to join the Cooperative Network and contribute to the vibrancy of the state’s nonprofit community, especially as it comes to collaborating and successfully competing for large grants from out of state.

To celebrate its one-year anniversary and the plans we have for 2018, we are offering an 18% discount on an annual membership – a $90 savings!

The Cooperative Network is an online platform plus in-person events that better connect our nonprofit community.

The Cooperative Network is organized into three sections:

Find FundingThe Cooperative Network offers three grant calendars, all of which are curated for New Mexico to cut through the static and get you the most relevant opportunities: (1) Deadline-driven calendar, so you know what’s time-sensitive when it comes to your grant seeking, (2) Open opportunities, so you know what’s available to apply to year-round, and (3) Forecasted opportunities, so you can plan ahead.

ConnectThe Cooperative Network is designed to make collaboration easier and more efficient. You have the opportunity to connect via: (1) In-person events that include Brownbag Lunches, Curbside Consulting, Coffee & Conversations, Thirsty Thursdays, and Reading Circles. (2) Forums that include open discussions, closed permission circles, and special interest groups. (3) Social network capabilities that allow members to post to each other’s walls, tag members in conversations, and share with each other.


The Cooperative Network is a place for New Mexico nonprofits to up their games when it comes to grant seeking. The Learn section provides: (1) Resources such as templates, tips, and articles, (2) The Grants Collective updates about our network, and (3) Other philanthropy and grant seeking blogs that are relevant, locally or nationally.

These resources help subscribers pursue the best-aligned opportunities, improve capability and effectiveness in securing national dollars, and provide a formal avenue for collaboration and partnership in grant seeking. Your subscription gets you and a coworker access to the online members-only platform and in-person events.

If grants are – or should be – part of your fundraising strategy and you are a New Mexico based tax-exempt agency, consider joining the Cooperative Network by pressing the button below. Our standard subscription rate is $50 per month or $500 per year. This month, save $90 – or 18% – to $410 for an annual subscription!

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