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US Army Corps of Engineers Albuquerque District 4101 Jefferson Plaza NE Albuquerque, NM 87109 Phone (505) 342-3171

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Program Purpose

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) is the Federal government’s largest water resources development and management agency, representing Federal interests in commercial navigation, flood damage reduction, ecosystem restoration, and a variety of other resource needs. As a major command of the U.S. Army in the Executive Branch of the Federal Government, the Corps has both a military mission, to provide engineering services to the Army and Air Force, and a civil works mission, to assist in the development and management of the Nation’s water resources. It is the civil works mission that provides local communities and sponsors with opportunities to meet water resource needs where there is both a local and national interest.

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Eligibility Description

Sponsors are state, tribal, county or local governments, or agencies which are interested in joining with the Corps to participate in civil works projects. The Corps works hand-in-hand with sponsors throughout the country to investigate water resources and related land problems and opportunities and, if warranted, develop projects that would otherwise be beyond the capability of the sponsor itself. Corps water resources activities are initiated by sponsors or potential sponsors, authorized by Congress, funded by Federal and non-Federal sponsors, and constructed by private contractors supervised by the Corps under the civil works program.

Special Conditions


Funding Availability

Funding Potential for Award–N/A

Range of Awards–N/A

Funding Cycle – Duration–N/A

Source of Funds–Federal Energy and Water Development Appropriations Act

Application Process


How to Apply–Contact your local Army Corps of Engineers district staff and Congressional delegate.

Selection Criteria & Decision Authority–Dependent on Army Corp of Engineers review on existing and appropriate Congressional study authority and/or on Congressional authorization requested by your Congressional delegate.


1970 Flood Control Act

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Water Resource Development Act of 1986

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