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Information Contact

John C. Woosley, District Director

US Small Business Association

625 Silver Avenue, SW

Albuquerque, NM 87102

(505) 248-8225; Fax (505) 248-8246


Private Business

Type of Aid

Technical Assistance

Program Purpose

SCORE is a national non-profit organization consisting of over 10,000 volunteers, both retired and active business professionals and entrepreneurs, who are dedicated to assisting new and emerging small businesses, as well as non-profits, with their business issues. The Albuquerque Chapter is one of 315 chapters nationally and consists of 27 members with widely varying business backgrounds, ranging from engineering to accounting and personnel specialists to marketers, along with many entrepreneurs who have successfully started, grown and sold their businesses. They provide business assistance through no-cost mentoring and Roundtables as well as low-cost workshops and seminars. The Albuquerque Chapter assisted over 500 clients last year and is increasing their level of assistance this year. Client services provided are described in detail on its web site, albuquerque.score.org.


The local Albuquerque Chapter of SCORE, active since 1974, assists its small and medium size business clients using three primary services:

1. No-cost mentoring with a certified SCORE mentor best suited by background to respond to the needs of the client. This is arranged by contacting our office (248-8232) and setting up a one-hour appointment or going to our website, albuquerque.score.org and requesting a meeting. The mentoring session is normally in our offices which are next door to the US SBA at 500 Gold Ave. SW, Suite 11409. Clients are invited to come back to continue the no-cost mentoring with that mentor or any other mentor for as long as they wish – hence, our tag line, “For the life of your business.” There is never a charge for mentoring.

2. A low-cost workshop series, Essentials for Starting a New Business, for anyone considering getting into business or who has just started a business. SCORE volunteers, supplemented from time to time by experts from the community and representatives from the SBA, provide information that is critical to starting a business. A thick notebook of information is provided to each attendee. Registration can be arranged on our website, albuquerque.score.org. Low cost Seminars are also provided to assist clients who are in business and would like to augment their understanding in specific areas. Recent offerings include: How to use QuickBooks Effectively in Your Business, Using Social Media to Advance Your Business and Tax Planning for Business Owners. See our website, albuquerque.score.org for upcoming seminars.

3. Business Roundtables, facilitated by SCORE mentors, are long-term support groups of business peers. Members meet monthly with the SCORE facilitator to prepare presentations about their business initiatives. They meet monthly as a group to provide comment on each member’s presentation. The Roundtables meet for 1 ½ hours and are used by attendees as their trusted “Board of Advisors.” Currently there are four Roundtable groups of SCORE clients. The Chapter continues to offer to facilitate a Roundtable with any organized business group that would like to start such an arrangement for their members.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Please contact SBA with program questions.