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Information Contact

Renata Manning, Grants Financing Director

North American Development Bank

P.O. Box 221648, El Paso, TX 79913

1-877-277-1703 (phone)


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Type of Aid

Technical Assistance

Program Purpose

The Project Development Assistance Program (PDAP), for project development and design, and the Border Environment Infrastructure Fund (BEIF), for construction, are programs funded by the U.S. Congress through EPA and are administered by the North American Development Bank (NADB).

The PDAP grant funds, supported by EPA’s US-Mexico Border Water Infrastructure Program are available for public water and wastewater infrastructure projects identified through a program-specific prioritization process.

Deadline to Apply

There is an open-process for applications, which can be submitted on-line at NADB’s website. NADB, in coordination with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) evaluates applications on a quarterly basis according to a prioritization methodology to identify high priority water and wastewater project investments.

Eligibility Description

Projects must:

: Be within 100 km on either side of the border that address priority human health and /or ecological issues.

: Have U.S. side benefits.

: Be affordable and have financing from other sources besides BEIF that is mandatory to complete financing of the project.

: Make provisions for planning, operations and maintenance, and pretreatment, prior to receiving PDAP or BEIF for detailed design and construction.

: Be for community (or public) drinking water or wastewater infrastructure only. Individual or private facilities and systems are not eligible.

: Be for infrastructure restricted to drinking water quality only, and not associated to raw water supply. Only drinking water treatment plants and distribution systems are eligible.

: For Mexican Projects:

: Target U.S. norms for ambient water quality if the discharge is directly or indirectly into U.S. waters. Infrastructure development may be phased overtime. Non-discharging reduction alternatives must not threaten U.S. or shared ecosystems.

: For US projects: Colonias are excluded unless there are enforceable local ordinances or zoning rules that prevent further development, where infrastructure is lacking. Provide ordinance or applicable zoning rules.

Special Conditions

Funds can be reimbursed. NADB performs an evaluation of the procurement process to make sure it complies with federal and/or state requirements for procuring federal funds. There is a match requirement for final design funding, but other tasks may be fully funded. PDAP can only pay 50% of the cost of the design, up to $500,000 maximum. The sponsor must secure the remaining match.

There are technical, environmental, and financial criteria that must be complied with by the sponsor to be certified by NADB to become eligible for construction funding from NADB. These can be found on the NADB website: www.nadb.org.

Funding Availability

Funding Potential for Award / Range of Awards–This is contingent on the cost of the project and funds available.

Funding Cycle – Duration–For selected projects, the sponsor has 2.5 years to conclude the planning phase of their project.

Source of Funds–The sources of funds for NADB financed projects under the PDAP program are EPA federal funds. They do not pass through the state before being distributed.

Application Process

Deadline—The program offers an open application process.

How to Apply–The specific application guidelines and application are available on NADB’s website.


Selection Criteria & Decision Authority–Applications are ranked according to criteria that are established for prioritization evaluation. The methodology is also available on the website.


Assistance Program: 66.202 Congressionally Mandated Projects.

: Regulatory Authority: 40 CFR Part 30

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