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Information Contact

Mario E. Vázquez, Director of Technical Assistance

North American Development Bank

P.O. Box 221648, El Paso, TX 79913

1-877-277-1703 / 915-209-7842


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Type of Aid

Grant Technical Assistance

Program Purpose

The North American Development Bank (NADB) is an international organization created by the Governments of the United States and Mexico with the purpose of helping to preserve, protect and enhance the environment of the U.S-Mexico border region. To achieve this purpose, NADB helps with the development of environmental infrastructure projects and certifies such projects so they may be eligible to receive funding from NADB or from other financing sources that require such certification.

Deadline to Apply

There is no deadline.

Eligibility Description

1. Sponsor Type. Public sponsors of environmental infrastructure projects are eligible to receive technical assistance resources from the program. Applications presented by private sector sponsors will be considered on a case-by-case basis, provided they involve projects that will result in a broader environmental or human health benefit for the community.

2. Project Location. Projects must be located in the U.S-Mexico border region, defined as the area encompassed between 100 kilometers north and 300 kilometers south of the international boundary between both countries.

3. Project Type. Projects must involve community infrastructure and address a human health or environmental issue. The following types of projects are eligible to receive technical assistance resources: Non-PDAP1 recipient water and wastewater projects; solid waste projects; water conservation; air quality; hazardous waste; clean and efficient energy; public transportation; and municipal planning and development.

4. Eligible Concepts. Studies and concepts eligible for technical assistance must be related to the advancement of a capital improvement project and may include, but not be limited to:

: Technical diagnostics

: Facility planning

: Environmental assessments

: Public participation activities

: Master plans/Needs assessments

: Financial analysis

: Water rates analysis

: Preliminary and final design

: Sustainable development activities2

: Training courses

: Webinars

: Knowledge management

Special Conditions

The Technical Assistance granted will potentially lead to a project certified by and financed by NADB or other sources. Appropriate determination will be made regarding any obligation of fund reimbursement. Also, the preference is for a project identified as a priority based on community, regional, state and especially strategic planning efforts.

Use of Funds

The purpose of this technical assistance program is to assist project sponsors with the planning, development, and design of their environmental infrastructure projects. Accordingly, the program is aimed at helping projects to obtain funding and achieve implementation.

Funding Availability

Funding Potential for Award / Range of Awards

o Grants will be awarded in amounts of up to US$50,000 per eligible concept and a maximum of $200,000 per project sponsor.

o The grant amount and any matching contribution requirements will be determined based on financial need of the community and in accordance with a standard evaluation methodology developed for this program.

Funding Cycle – Duration–The funding cycle is yearly under a yearly project development plan. There is no limit to the duration of a project, but reasonable development time frames are expected.

Source of Funds–TA funds are allocated by NADB as a public international organization.

Application Process

There is no deadline. TA depends on funding availability.

How to Apply–Submit a letter of interest for TA to the General Manager.

Selection Criteria & Decision Authority–The selection of projects is based on a strategic TA plan for the border. Projects that are co-funded with the NADB also fall into this category.


Funds are allocated by NADB as a public international organization governed by a binational Board of Directors.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Please contact Mario Vazquez with questions.