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Information Contact

Carmelita Chavez, Program Manager

New Mexico Department of Transportation

Traffic Safety Division

P.O. Box 1149

Santa Fe, New Mexico 87504

Phone 505-629-3770 cell

505-827-0427 Traffic Safety

1-800-541-7952 Toll Free

Fax: 505-989-4983


Counties Municipalities Special Districts Indian Tribes and Pueblos Other Local Governmental Units Other
Other: Law enforcement agencies that write traffic citations for violations of the State Motor Vehicle Code

Type of Aid


Program Purpose

The traffic safety education and enforcement fund shall be used to institute and promote a statewide program of traffic safety through education and enforcement to reduce serious and fatal traffic accidents and to provide for the purchase of equipment and support services as are necessary to establish and maintain the program.

Deadline to Apply

Applications must be received by September 30th or a later deadline established by the Division.

Eligibility Description

All law enforcement agencies that write traffic citations for violations of the State Motor Vehicle Code are eligible. Special demonstration multi-agency, county, municipal, non-profit, and school district projects may also receive special funding.

Special Conditions

This is a formula grant based on the number of convictions for moving violations resulting from citations by each applicant agency. State law requires that at least 50 percent of the fund shall be allocated to the law enforcement agency that issued the citation, 20 percent of the funds must pay for traffic safety education programs. The balance of the fund shall be allocated to existing traffic safety programs.

Funding Availability

Funding Potential for Award–In state fiscal year 2020 approximately 232,237 was awarded in grants and local grants are based on transfer of funds balances.

Range of Awards–Basic local grants are calculated according to revenue received on convictions from citations issued in the previous year by the grantee agency. Police agencies are entitled to apply for grants amounting to fifty percent of the revenue.

Funding Cycle – Duration–Projects begin July 1 and continue through June 30 of the following year. Funds are distributed on a cost reimbursement basis.

Source of Funds–$3.00 dollar fee imposed on traffic citations as allowed by NMSA 1978, Section 66-7-512.

Application Process

Deadline–Applications must be received by September 30th of each year or a later deadline established by the Division.

How to Apply–Localities must have state-approved education and enforcement plans and must submit a specific program application form supplied in guidelines distributed by the Traffic Safety Division. The objectives of the application must address the objectives of the New Mexico Traffic Safety Annual Plan.

Selection Criteria & Decision Authority–This grant is non-competitive. Funding decisions are made by the Traffic Safety Division Staff.


State funds, state statute, Section 66-7-512, NMSA 1978.

Related Programs

The Community Driving While Impaired Program (CDWI) relates to this program. The Selective Traffic Enforcement Programs relates to this program but funding is from the federal governments.