May 18, 2012

Our List of Faves

Summer is fast approaching and with it a chance to take a vacation. We recommend that on that vacation (or really any chance you have) you take a peek at our favorite blogs, talks, and books. These items have made us laugh, think, and challenge ourselves. They cover a variety of topics from grant writing, to setting boundaries in your life, to finding passion for classical music, and new possibilities. Without further ado, here’s our top 10…

Everything’s Amazing and Nobody’s Happy

This video is particularly funny to us when Louis C.K. says “give it a second, IT’S GOING TO SPACE!” especially since our work centers around deadlines. And who doesn’t laugh at the “non-contributing zeroes” line?

Grant Writing for Dummies by Beverly Browning

The version we read is semi-outdated (the link is to the newer one) because of the movement to electronic applications but the bones of good grant writing are still there, breaking down each type of project piece-by-piece and step by step.

All of our choices get bundled into one. They are…

Our favorite part in this video is when Zander talks about the players eyes shining.

We think it is important to say thank you and also to ask for a thank you when you feel you deserve one.

Marsh provides some valuable insights into balancing your work and life.

Spunk & Bite: A Writer’s Guide to Bold, Contemporary Style by Arthur Plotnik

This book changes the way you think about storytelling and word choice.

Grant Writing Confidential

This blog is funny and irreverent, based on years of experience in the world of grant writing.

ReWork by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson

This book was written by the founders of Basecamp, our project management system. We love their philosophies on running a small business (meetings don’t take an hour if there’s four people there – they take four hours!). They are also fans of hiring people in different locations, which helped us not be scared of going mobile here at TGP. We looked at it in a new light… “the sun never sets on TGP.”

Four Ways to Boost Your Creativity in Writing

This is a great article to read for suggestions on how to get those creative juices flowing before writing!

Good to Great

This is our favorite book by Jim Collins, we still try to figure out how to the right people on the bus and then help them to find the right seats.

A Better Workplace

The discussion post on setting healthy boundaries in your life is worth reading and provided us with many topics for discussion and reflection within our workplace.

Getting Things Done by David Allen

We like the philosophy that if you can get something done in under two minutes just do it right away instead of coming back to it later. We also find his affinity for filing cabinets amusing!

Have a fun summer catching up on your reading list!

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