Con Alma Health Foundation: Community Rebuild Post Covid-19

Con Alma Health Foundation (CAHF) with support from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation (WKKF) seeks to support Vaccine Rollout and Community Rebuild Post Covid-19. CAHF is partnering with the New Mexico Health Equity Partnership (NMHEP), an initiative at the Santa Fe Community Foundation, to assist with this project. The NMHEP engages a statewide network to advance health equity in New Mexico. The project has two phases that will engage the community/nonprofit and philanthropic sectors, among others:

* Phase 1 (Implementation: June 1, 2021-December 31, 2021) centers on the promotion of a New Mexico Vaccine Rollout for equitable allocation, distribution, delivery access, promotion, and outreach; and
* Phase 2 (Implementation: January 1, 2022-December 31, 2022) primary focus is on Community Rebuild Post Covid-19 for communities to address the disproportionate impact Covid-19 has had on certain populations and the non-profit sector in New Mexico.

Funding is currently available through Phase 2 (Community Rebuild Post Covid-19) to nonprofit organizations whose efforts focus on children, families and communities disproportionally impacted by Covid-19, and/or the nonprofit sector that have been disproportionately impacted by Covid-19 in New Mexico. Successful applications will be community-centered (driven/informed), collaborative, multi-sectoral, clearly demonstrate health and racial equity approaches, and focus on systems-level solutions that take up the lessons, experiences, promising innovations, and transformative opportunities from the pandemic to ‘build back better.’

Strong proposals will also:

1. Address the disproportionate impact Covid-19 has had on certain populations (e.g., children and families, BIPOC, rural, low-income, people with disabilities, immigrants, elderly, LGBTQ, etc.); and/or, the nonprofit sector in New Mexico.
2. Expand health equity by: * Eliminating differences in quality, access, and underlying exposures which make some individuals, communities, and/or non-profits organizations more vulnerable than others.

* Expanding opportunities for underserved and vulnerable populations and/or the nonprofit sector.

* Addressing at least one of the social determinants of health (SDOH) such as those indicated by the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention’s Healthy People 2030 ( or as identified by the community.

Priority will be given to applications that:

a. Address barriers and/or opportunities through systems-level solutions that incorporate the lessons, experiences, promising innovations, and transformative opportunities from the Covid-19 pandemic to ‘build back better’.

b. Involve coordination and alignment among and across sectors (government, nonprofit, private/business sector).

c. Work within and/or across geographic areas (neighborhoods, sovereign nations, municipalities, counties, regions) in New Mexico.

d. Demonstrate engagement of and are representative of beneficiaries ‘as leaders’ in the proposed work.

e. Increase the capacity of stakeholders to mobilize/leverage resources.

f. Prioritize underserved areas of New Mexico (e.g., rural/frontier, tribal, border, underserved metro/ neighborhoods) and populations that need additional support (e.g., children and families, BIPOC, rural, low-income, people with disabilities, immigrants, refugees, youth, elderly, LGBTQ+, etc.) or aspects within the nonprofit sector that need increased capacity.

g. Consider the complexity and challenges that are still unfolding related to Covid-19, including racial disparities, vaccine and health equity, fears of Covid-19 surges, pandemic fatigue, information overload, and the challenges experienced by people and/or non-profit organizations that are not fully recovered from the impacts of Covid-19.

h. Integrate health equity and racial equity and health in all policies (HiAP) in their efforts.

i. Provide a clear relation between the request to be funded and Covid-19.

j. Show association between proposed expenses/costs and the desired outcomes.

Amount: Awards range up to $100,000 over a twelve-month period. Disbursement of Grant Payments: * Awards of $50,000 or less will be paid in one disbursement. * Awards of $50,001 to $100,000 will be paid in two disbursements (1st payment: mid-January 2022; 2nd payment is contingent on submission and status of progress report).

Eligibility: Applicant organization must have 501(c)(3) public charity status or have a fiscal sponsor with 501(c)(3) status. The grant must benefit people living in New Mexico. This grant opportunity is open to current and past grant recipients. Additional eligibility notes:

* The Foundation will generally not consider projects with activities replacing public sector health-related services. Services that supplement or expand health-related services of the public sector are accepted.
* No grant will be made to fund construction or renovation unless such expense is directly related to Covid-19 and does not exceed $5,000 per any one item.
* Those funded through CAHF’s Covid-19 Vaccine Rollout and Promotion grants during Phase 1 are eligible to apply for consideration for this Phase 2 funding opportunity focused on community rebuild.

Deadline: November 1, 2021.

Note: A Pre-Proposal Workshop/Dialogue will be held on Tuesday, October 5, 2021, 1:00pm-2:30pm. Register to participate at or to view recording post-workshop by visiting CAHF’s website.

Resource Information
Funder Con Alma Health Foundation
Eligibility Nonprofit Organization
Resource URL:
Sector COVID-19 Emergency Response, Health, Mental Health
Grant Amount $0-$100,000
Deadline November 1, 2021