Con Alma: Vaccine Rollout & Community Rebuild (VR-CR)

Con Alma seeks to advance health equity for vulnerable populations (e.g., children and families, BIPOC, rural, low-income, people with disabilities, immigrants, elderly, etc.) which have been disproportionally impacted by COVID-19, due largely to structural inequities. These efforts will include engaging New Mexico’s community/nonprofit and philanthropic sectors in a Vaccine Rollout in New Mexico.

This first of two grant opportunities makes available funding to nonprofit organizations whose efforts have a focus on vulnerable children, families, and communities disproportionately impacted by COVID-19 in New Mexico and that have a vision and/or are engaged in:

COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout & Vaccine Promotion including:

  • the equitable allocation, distribution, delivery, and access to the COVID-19 vaccine in New Mexico
  • collaborative, multi-sector/field efforts
  • educational & promotional communications/messaging
  • outreach/other community engagement efforts

Priority will be given to applications that:

  • Engage in or support the allocation, distribution, and/or delivery of COVID-19 vaccines in New Mexico including identifying and alleviating gaps in vaccine roll-out efforts.
  • Address barriers and/or vaccine hesitancy (inclusive of culturally and linguistically appropriate efforts), assist in vaccine promotion through coordinated and aligned social media, radio, print messaging, and engagement of trusted messengers.
  • Involve coordination and alignment among and across sectors (government, nonprofit, private/business sector) and/or work within and/or across geographic areas (neighborhoods, sovereign nations, municipalities, counties, regions).
  • Engage beneficiaries as leaders in the proposed work.
  • Increase capacity of stakeholders to mobilize/leverage resources to address vaccine rollout.
  • Prioritize underserved areas of New Mexico (e.g., rural/frontier, tribal, border, underserved metro/ neighborhoods), and vulnerable populations (e.g., children and families, BIPOC, rural, low-income, people with disabilities, immigrants, elderly, etc.).
  • Consider the complexity and challenges that are still unfolding related to COVID-19 including racial disparities, vaccine equity, fears of COVID-19 surges as pandemic fatigue, information overload or travel, and challenges of people not fully recovered from COVID-19 that are experiencing relapses with old or new symptoms, and new variants of the virus.
  • Provide a clear relation between the request to be funded and COVID-19 and show association between proposed expenses/costs and the desired outcomes.

The grant implementation start date will be retroactive to June 1, 2021.

Note: As part of this project, Con Alma will release a second phase of funding focused on Community Rebuild in November of 2021.

Amount: Applicants may select either $10,000 or $25,000 (whichever amount best fits capacity, meets the projected project needs, and can be expended within the six-month implementation period).

Eligibility: Organizations serving New Mexico with 501(c)(3) public charity status or that have a fiscal sponsor with 501(c)(3) status. This grant opportunity is open to eligible applicants (per guidelines), including current and past grant recipients.

Note: The Foundation will generally not consider projects with activities replacing public sector health-related services. However, services that supplement or expand health-related services of the public sector are accepted.

Deadline: June 15, 2021

Resource Information
Funder Con Alma Health Foundation
Eligibility Nonprofit Organization
Resource URL:
Sector Health
Grant Amount Either $10,000 or $25,000
Deadline Closed