National Endowment for the Arts: American Rescue Plan Local Arts Agencies for Subgranting

The Arts Endowment will competitively award funds to designated local arts agencies for subgranting programs. To be eligible to subgrant, a designated local arts agency must have a history of grantmaking that occurred anytime within the ten-year period immediately preceding this program’s application deadline (i.e., July 22, 2011 to present). The grantmaking program is not required to have been supported by the Arts Endowment.

Subgrants to Organizations—Subgranting support by local arts agencies to eligible subgrantee organizations is limited to any or all of the following costs:

  • Salary support, full or partial, for one or more staff positions.
  • Fees/stipends for artists and/or contractual personnel only in support of services they provide for specific activities in support of the organization’s day to day operations.
  • Facilities costs such as mortgage principal, rent, and utilities.
  • Costs associated with health and safety supplies for staff and/or visitors/audiences (e.g., personal protective equipment, cleaning supplies, hand sanitizer, etc.).
  • Marketing and promotion costs.
  • Rescue Plan funds may be used by an organization to support existing jobs, new jobs, or to restore jobs that were furloughed or eliminated due to the pandemic.

Subgrants to Individual Artists—If the applicant is allowed to make direct awards to individuals, subgrants may be awarded to individuals for artist fees/stipends to support the services they provide for specific programs and activities. Such awards to individuals may include providing presentations, workshops, research, and/or the creation of artwork with tangible outcomes required by the subaward. This is a considered a stipend to the artist for the work undertaken and completed consistent with the programmatic objectives of the subgranting agency.

The Arts Endowment intends to make awards that will impact a broad constituency. The following organizations are encouraged to apply:

  • Organizations that serve populations that are underserved, such as those whose opportunities to experience the arts are limited by ethnicity, economics, geography, or disability.
  • Organizations with small and medium-sized budgets.
  • Organizations from rural to urban communities.
  • Organizations that may be applying for federal support through the Arts Endowment for the first time.

Amount: Applicants may request a fixed grant amount for $150,000, $250,000, or $500,000 for subgranting programs. An estimated 80 awards will be made.

Note: Out of that fixed grant amount, applicants may request up to $50,000 to support their own eligible operating costs associated with administering the subgranting program. See solicitation for definitions.

Eligibility: Nonprofit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3), U.S. organizations or units of local government. Applicants must have completed a three-year history of arts programming prior to the application deadline. Tribal entities and community organizations may be eligible for this grant opportunity if they meet certain eligibility requirements. See solicitation for details.

Deadline: July 22, 2021

Resource Information
Funder National Endowment for the Arts
Eligibility Local Government, Nonprofit Organization, State Government, Tribal Government, Tribal Organization
Resource URL:
Sector Arts & Humanities
Grant Amount $150,000, $250,000, or $500,000
Deadline Closed