New Mexico Emergency Operations Center: ESF6 Community Fund

The ESF6 Community Fund pays for the purchase and delivery of emergency food for populations that are unable to travel outside of their community or have limited or no access to food as a result of an emergency situation or order. As of October 26th, the ESF6 Community Fund has been used to procure more than $240,000 worth of food. This allowed for the delivery of more than 3,700 food boxes and 12 pallets of water to five of New Mexico’s tribes or pueblos while they were in a community lockdown phase.

The New Mexico Emergency Operations Center (EOC) manages the ESF6 fund. County and tribal emergency managers should submit requests to the New Mexico EOC. The local emergency manager must complete a resource request on a ICS 213 RR form. This must be done in collaboration with the New Mexico EOC to ensure that the request meets FEMA requirements. See link below for contact listing.
ESF6 funds may only be utilized for needs specifically identified as being triggered by the COVID-19 emergency.

Amount: Food donations are provided.

Eligibility: Any New Mexico community experiencing a food shortage caused by the COVID-19 pandemic may apply.

Resource Information
Funder New Mexico Emergency Operations Center
Eligibility Local Government, Tribal Government
Resource URL:
Sector COVID-19 Emergency Response
Grant Amount In kind donations
Deadline Rolling Date