New Mexico Tourism Department: Cooperative Marketing Grant

The Cooperative Marketing Grant (CoOp program) supports a vision to grow the tourism economy in New Mexico.

Recipients can:

* Double their tourism marketing impact with dollar-for-dollar matching funds
* Collaborate with for-profit entities to contribute up to half of applicant’s investment
* Harness the power of millions of New Mexico True brand impressions with proven creative and media tools
* Build marketing capability through media consultations and technical assistance
* Share measurable results and performance reporting to demonstrate the impact to your destination, attraction or event

Updates for CoOp program in FY 22 are:
* Unprecedented funding levels to recoup unprecedented losses
* Media strategy designed to meet your stated priorities
* Opportunity to apply locally allocated federal relief funds for greater impact

This year’s program will be different from past year’s programs, as it is expected to not require:
* Strong media buying power through shared investment
* Equity of New Mexico True brand power
* Dedicated support from strategy to implementation
* Rigorous performance reporting

Additional Program Notes:
* The New Mexico Tourism Department will prioritize applicants from destinations that have experienced the highest economic injury as a result of COVID-19 (determined by various data sources and research analysis).
* Representatives of festivals and events are encouraged to wait for special programs and funding opportunities designed to address their economic losses and unique needs.

Amount: Not specified. Past awards typically are within the range of $8,000-$25,000. The solicitation typically provides a listing of “media menu” option packages that applicants can choose.

Eligibility: Tourism-related non-profit organizations and local and tribal governments.

Deadline: Survey deadline: April 23, 2021; Application: June 1, 2021

Note: The online survey is a mandatory step in the application process where applicants will provide initial details about their destination or attraction.

Resource Information
Funder New Mexico Tourism Department
Eligibility Local Government, Nonprofit Organization, Tribal Government
Resource URL:
Sector COVID-19 Emergency Response, Economic Development/Job Training
Grant Amount Not Provided
Deadline Closed