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The Foundation has long supported social science research with the aim of improving social and living conditions in the United States. In response to the crises of 2020, the Foundation will only accept letters of inquiry relevant to one of the Foundation’s core programs that address at least one of the following issues: 1) Research on the Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting recession in the U.S. Specifically, research that assesses the social, political, economic, and psychological causes and consequences of the pandemic, especially its effects on marginalized individuals and groups and on trust in government and other institutions. 2) Research focused on systemic racial inequality and/or the recent mass protests in the U.S. Specifically, research that investigates the prevalence of racial disparities in policing and criminal justice; the effects of the current social protest movement and mass mobilization against systemic discrimination; the nature of public attitudes and public policies regarding policing, criminal justice, and social welfare; and the effects of those attitudes in the current political environment. Amount: Amount: Grants range from $30,000-$175,000. Eligibility: Pipeline grants: Tenure track assistant professors or associate professors who have been in the rank for less than seven years are eligible to apply; Research grants: All applicants (both PIs and Co-PIs) must have a doctorate. Deadline: August 5, 2020.

Resource Information
Funder Russell Sage Foundation
Eligibility Individual
Resource URL:
Sector Research
Grant Amount $30,000-$175,000