Smart Growth America: Arts & Transportation Rapid Response

The Arts & Transportation Rapid Response is an initiative for transit agencies looking to creatively and quickly address pandemic-related transportation challenges. Selected agencies will be matched with an artist who will work with the agency over the next few months on their proposed project.

Eligibility: Jurisdictions of any size are eligible to apply. Jurisdictions must apply to work with an artist directly on a COVID-19 related transportation challenge. A jurisdiction must be a single government body responsible for overseeing their constituency’s transportation (i.e., a transit agency, a department of transportation, or a department of public works). This includes cities, counties, tribal governments, or regional planning agencies.

Amount: Participating artists will receive $8,500 to support the artists’ time and project materials, as well as a short series of training sessions to prepare them to work with the transportation agencies. Agencies applying for this opportunity should submit project ideas that can be addressed with this scale of funding.

Deadline: December 21, 2020.

Note: Round two of this initiative will begin in February 2021 and will focus exclusively on public transit related-projects.

Resource Information
Funder Smart Growth America
Eligibility Local Government, State Government, Tribal Government
Resource URL:
Sector COVID-19 Emergency Response
Grant Amount $8,500
Deadline Closed