XPRIZE: Pandemic Response Challenge

The Pandemic Response Challenge is a four-month challenge that focuses on the development of data-driven AI systems to predict COVID-19 infection rates and prescribe Intervention Plans (IPs) that regional governments, communities, and organizations can implement to minimize harm when reopening their economies. Prizes will be awarded by XPRIZE to teams who develop prediction models that estimate daily COVID-19 cases with greatest accuracy and create prescriptive models that minimize infection cases and economic costs.

Amount: $500,000 will be awarded. Individual award sizes are not specified.

Eligibility: Teams from around the world in every shape or size may apply. Teams can be comprised of university groups, high school students, startups and innovators, small to midsize companies, families or individuals.

Deadline: December 8, 2020 registration closes.

Resource Information
Eligibility No Restriction
Resource URL: https://www.xprize.org/challenge/pandemicresponse
Sector COVID-19 Emergency Response
Deadline Closed