Prospect Research

Don’t know where to apply for grants? Have a project that you know is grant-worthy but not sure who to approach? Our Grant Profile is your first stop. The Grant Profile, our most sought after product, provides a list and ranking of prospective funding sources that align with your specific grant seeking goals. Each funder’s listing is detailed with contact information, application requirements, deadlines, funding range, and past funding history. Research covers a wide array of funding sources from private and corporate foundations to state and federal grant opportunities.

The time required to search multiple grants databases and compile information is extensive. Grant profiles are offered on a first come-first served basis and only one profile slot per month is available. Please let us know if you would like more information on this product or if you would like to reserve a month for your organization today.

Data Research

The Grant Plant conducts thorough research for its clients to ensure a compelling and accurate portrayal of the issues that your organization is addressing. This research is generally used in needs statements, cases for support, donor relations materials, and as a guideline for the organization to conduct its work.

Our data research services paint a picture of the need in a nonprofit’s focus area while showcasing how the organization is making a real and lasting impact on its clients. We recognize the difference that nonprofits are making in our community; let us help you tell your inspiring story using data to get from what to the why.