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Deadline: February 11, 2021

Albuquerque Community Foundation: Arts/Culture, Education, and Environmental/Historic Preservation

The Albuquerque Community Foundation seeks to award grants to organizations serving the Greater Albuquerque Metropolitan Area. The Foundation will consider awards for organizations:

  • With a proven track record providing services benefiting people in Greater Albuquerque’s Creative Economy.
  • With clearly defined organizational goals and measurable program outcomes and outputs.
  • That build on community, regional, and organizational assets and strengths.
  • That demonstrate their ability to work with other partners to identify community needs and gaps in services.
  • Clearly and specifically aligned with one of the Foundation’s Fields-of-Interest.

The Competitive Grants Program requests applications from interested organizations in two rounds. In Round 1, the Foundation will accept applications from organizations working in the following Fields-of-Interest:

  • Arts and Culture: Organizations and programs that provide access to arts and culture for low-income and/or at-risk populations, and organizations supporting Albuquerque’s creative economy through visual and performing arts.
  • Education: Focus on supporting at-risk populations to ensure they receive educational opportunities to better the course of their lives. Specific focus areas in this field are elementary education literacy programs, at-risk youth, students with special needs, and skills-based education for youth and adults.
  • Environmental and Historic Preservation: Focus on organizations working within the environmental and agricultural sector to bolster economic growth, and on the preservation of historic landmarks, attractions, buildings, and venues.

There will be a common theme running throughout all Fields-of-Interest in the Competitive Grant Program: Access to economic opportunities. Access to economic opportunities could apply (but is not limited) to the following areas:

  • Providing and supporting economic opportunities for individuals living in the four-county Greater Albuquerque Metropolitan Area. This may include life-skills and career development; educational opportunities; or social services that create self-sustainable lifestyles for at-risk populations.
  • Providing and supporting opportunities that bolster the economic growth of Albuquerque. This may include strengthening access to art and culture; supporting preventative health and human services to reduce homelessness and physical health needs; increasing workforce development and job creation; or ensuring Albuquerque’s proximity to the natural environment remains a protected and valued aspect of the city.

Note: In an effort to ensure flexibility to respond to COVID-19, all grants in the 2021 Competitive Grant Program will be general operating grants.

Amount: $350,000 is available to make awards up to $10,000 (organizations with total income under $500,000), or up to $15,000 (organizations with total income above $500,000).

Eligibility: 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations, public educational institutions, and public agencies that:

  • Provide services to the people of the Greater Albuquerque Metropolitan Area.
  • Have been incorporated in the state of New Mexico for a minimum of 5 years (certain exceptions can be made to this, including, organizations operating with a fiscal agent, or spinning off from a parent nonprofit).
  • Are current with all state and federal reporting requirements.
  • Clearly demonstrate how the organization or program provides access to economic opportunities.
  • Have 100% of Board of Trustees providing a meaningful financial contribution.

Link: https://www.albuquerquefoundation.org/grants.aspx

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