Grant Risk Planning

Whether you’re thinking about applying for a federal grant or you've been awarded new and exciting funding, The Grant Plant will help you identify and understand what you might encounter along the way.

We work primarily with tax-exempt organizations including nonprofits, public agencies, and educational institutions to achieve success and avoid pitfalls for grant-funded projects. Getting your first federal grant or your first grant from a specific agency means a whole new learning curve for grants management. We’re here to help.

With The Grant Plant as your advocate you can expect:

Federal Grant Pre-Award Risk Assessment – When your team is thinking about applying for a federal grant, you may worry about what will be expected from the agency and wonder whether it’s the right opportunity for you. A pre-award risk assessment can help your organization decide whether to apply for a grant, better understand what might be tricky if you receive the award, and plan your project and budget with successful delivery in mind.

  • Complete a federal agency pre-award risk assessment questionnaire
  • Check prospective contractors and sub-awardees for required systems registrations, eligibility, and prior federal funding issues (suspension, debarment, federal award/contract audit findings)
  • Determine reporting needs and complexity
  • Identify potential risk areas for successful project delivery and grant management
  • Recommend processes and activities to include in your proposal to help ensure success

Post-Award Risk Assessment  When you’re awarded a new and exciting grant, the celebrations may be followed by concerns about delivering on the project and meeting the funder’s expectations. The Grant Plant will help you identify and understand areas where your project may face delays, where things might fall through the cracks, where you may have issues with compliance, and what may even cause project failure. We can work with you to develop plans to avoid, mitigate, and manage those risks for high-stakes grants.

  • Document review for award terms, proposal commitments, funder policies, and regulatory requirements
  • Preliminary risk identification in areas such as compliance, financial management, staffing adequacy, contracted entities, project activities and results, and adequate grant tracking and reporting
  • Meeting with your team to identify, detail, and prioritize risks using common risk management practices and tools
  • Production of a risk register for tracking and managing risk areas during the grant lifetime



“The Grant Plant has become an invaluable member of our team. They know the work, the goals, and the impact of our programs as much as our program team. They are the best advocates, and their team of expert grant-writers and story tellers are truly amazing. I sleep better knowing we have TGP at our side to help navigate all things grants.
– Anonymous Client Survey Participant